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I have a suggestion, I opened a ticket for it just for fun, to remind you if you think its a good idea, if not, please delete the ticket.

I think it would be nice that you could pick a sub-selection of the admin theme, that is 'Light' or 'Dark', and would effect whatever admin theme you have selected.  It would simply make the theme you selected (Thirtybees, Blue, Flex, Fruit, Prune, ext.) 'Dark'(Black and Grays), or 'Light' (White and Grays, the way it is now).  This selection would just be put below the theme selection on the current admin page that you use to select your theme.  It woule also be nice to have a selector elsewhere that would do the same for the admin login page.

Just incase you didnt have enough on your plate already....;)  As this would undoubtedly be a difficult thing to do, I suggest if others like the idea we crowd fund it.

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