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Webservice call returns 301 (#CON11)



I'm trying to link an external service but the connection attempt gives this error:

This call to PrestaShop Web Services returned an unexpected HTTP status of:301 (#CON11)

I activated logs for the webservice but no logs are generated.

I've read https://docs.prestashop-project.org/1-6-documentation/english-documentation/developer-guide/developer-tutorials/using-the-prestashop-web-service/web-service-tutorial/chapter-2-discovery-testing-your-access-to-the-web-service-with-the-browser and tried accessing via http://mypasskey@example.com/api/. This is unsuccessful. I'm am only asked to enter the passkey again and again. The tutorial says:


If no permission has been set for the key, than the browser will keep asking you to enter the key indefinitely.

However, the key was associated with full permissions.

How can I figure out what the problem is? 

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Solution: The domain in the external service and the tb parameter SET SHOP URL have to match precisely. The external service said to use domain.com but in SET SHOP URL I had www.domain.com. Changing the external service entry to www.domain.com fixed the issue.

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