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I'm using the Portuguese translation package and I found a few issues and, so far, I haven't been able to sort one of them.

To be precise on module "New Products" it keeps getting back with "No new products at this time." regardless of the language I choose in the front office.

I've checked the new product block, and in the translations folder (.../modules/blocknewproducts/translations) there are only the 'index.php' and 'pt.php' files, but no 'en.php' one. Whereas with other blocks you will see the 3 php files, i.e. 'index', 'en' and 'pt'.

When inside the 'pt.php' file you do see the line of code below with the correct translation for "No new products at this time.":

$_MODULE['<{blocknewproducts}prestashop>blocknewproducts_home_0af0aac2e9f6bd1d5283eed39fe265cc'] = 'Neste momento não há novos produtos.';

I've also checked and the MD5 encryption is correct, i.e. "No new products at this time." encrypts to "0af0aac2e9f6bd1d5283eed39fe265cc" as shown before.

If you explore a bit more in the module's template folder (.../modules/blocknewproducts/views/templates/hook) you will see inside file "blocknewproducts_home.tpl" that it refers to this 'error' message as:

<li class="alert alert-info">{l s='No new products at this time.' mod='blocknewproducts'}</li>

More interesting though is if you go to Localization -> Translation menu in the back office, you will see the following inside Front Office translations:


which doesn't match no shows at the front...

After thinking for a bit I decided to add to the 'pt.php' file another line and now it's like this:

$_MODULE['<{blocknewproducts}prestashop>blocknewproducts_0af0aac2e9f6bd1d5283eed39fe265cc'] = 'Neste momento não há novos produtos.';
$_MODULE['<{blocknewproducts}prestashop>blocknewproducts_home_0af0aac2e9f6bd1d5283eed39fe265cc'] = 'Neste momento não há novos produtos.';

Is this the correct way to do it? Or is there a more clear and direct way of sorting out this issue instead of diving into php file editing?

Thanks in advance.

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