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How to use overrides to increase the truncate values in dropdown.tpl and crossselling.tpl?



Hello people, I've never used Overrides before.

I want the overrides to remove the ... at the end of the drop down cart product names and also on the crossseling product names.

I was just modifying the truncate values inside the dropdown.tpl and crossselling.tpl but this is a no no when having to do a Thirtybees updates.

Basically, the overrides need to do this:

To remove ... in product names of drop down cart, go to:
Line 44, change truncate:13 to 55

To remove ... in product names of Cross Selling (Customers who bought this product also bought)
Line 14, change truncate: 18 to 55

How do I create overrides?

Do I create folders in the override directory to match the paths to the edited files for dropdown.tpl and crossselling.tpl ?

Do the dropdown.tpl and crossselling.tpl files have to be basically the same files copied from their original locations, but with the edited truncate values or I only have to have the specific edited lines in those files ?

Any help to accomplish this would be appreciated.






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