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  1. yeah it is, thanks for helping out! I just was scared of bleeding edge on live shop 😄
  2. I just tried, and now works, thanks for helping me out!
  3. Thanks for answerring, i am on 1.1.0 i just checked again with core updater and there are no files that can be upgraded
  4. Last bump, dont want o spam, but no one wants to help? I am on latest TB, see screenshot above: 161,68€ + 459,60 + 244,01 doesnt add up to 18881,5€?? I foudn i nthe database the right amount, so the template is wrong?? Any advice?
  5. I think theres still something wrong with credit slip : Not all the products are refunded, total of refunds is 865,29€ inc VAT Total inc VAT for refund here is 1881.5€ , wich is the total amount of the order. The credit slip total refund balance now show the full invoice amount, but only 865,29€ is refunded.. anyone?
  6. i installed th emailchimp module, added the api key synced everything, i dont see any contacts or products in mailchimp tough.. What is going wrong? EDIT: seems it had to sync for a while or so, its working now
  7. Zijn er mensen die die module hebben open van feedback company? ik blijf steeds errors krijgen en de mensen van feedback company zijn niet echt hulpvol..
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