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How to customize the top menu bar in the default theme?


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I'm talking about the top menu bar, where you can find the language of the store, close session, etc. Not the one below.

I would like to customize it, as follows:

  • Add clickable buttons (or icons) on the left.
  • Change the color, and size of it. (I can do that directly via CSS)
  • Also, I would like to add an extra horizontal bar on top of that menu, mainly to display messages of any kind. (2nd pic as example)



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45 minutes ago, netamismb said:

in admin, Module ->Top horizontal module and press Configure - if you want to add a menu. 

To add a message you can use the module Banner block - this will be displayed on the very top.

Thanks for replying, but I have question regarding to which Top Horizontal module exactly for TB.

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