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"Image Position" in Combination CSV import not working




Think I found a bug in the CSV-import of Combinations. If an image in a combination is assigned an "Image Position", thirty bees seems to ignore it... a consequence of this is that if you have a combination that you want to have the same image as a combination that already has an image, it is not found.

Anyone with the same problem?

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"Image Position" is considered only if you don't use "Image URLs (x,y,z...)" Field.

Your csv mapping can contain either  "Image URLs (x,y,z...)" field - then these images will be downloaded and used.

Or your mapping can contain "Image Position" / "Choose among product images by position (1,2,3...)" -- in which case combination will be assigned existing product images.



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@datakick Hi, thanks for answering. In prestashop 1.6 i could use this structure:


The first combination would get an image assigned to position 2 from the url - and all following combinations with position 2 and no url would get the same image. 

As thirty bees works today - how do I know which position is assigned to each image so that I can refer to that image? And where do I specify the image url?

Thanks Erik

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