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Chex module price display help needed


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The Chex module from @datakick does most things much better than the regular checkouts. It has one issue though that I can't easily figure out. If a product is discounted/on sale, it only shows the discounted price in the cart summary, not the regular price to reassure the buyer it is discounted. This is what I mean:

This is the current state when a product is $100 regular and has special price discounted to $85. image.png.7a23a2ff4a441f331a2a95fe98e13b5a.png


What has become the standard across online retailers is to show it instead like this. Which is not currently possible with the module that I see: image.png.c198aede86743718374546b92becd5ed.png

The standard software checkouts do this already. Does anyone know how to make it operate this way in Chex for the best buying experience?


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