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Datakick manager mass update for specific products



Hello out there,


does anyone know, how to execute an mass update with datakick manager but only for specific products?


I want to change for a lot of products the long description. I only know the option to perform the mass update for all products.

What I want is, for example for alle products with "Test" in its product name...


Is there any possibility?


Thanks in advance 🙂




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You can create conditions to restrict the dataset.

In left panel click on Dataset, and then on Add Condition button. Set any condition you need.

In the right panel you see all the products that match the condition (and that will be mass updated). You also see the preview of what mass update will perform (in the [new] column). In my example, I replaced text 'support' with 'premium support' using this expression replace(product.longDescription, 'support', 'premium support')


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