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Problem with the shop URL

Carlos Minguell

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Hi all,

After upgrade the Redsys payment module and update TB to 1.5.1. The front office doesn't work and this message appears in the backoffice:

"You are connected with the following domain name ocean-photos.es
This is different from the domain name specified in the "SEO & URLs" tab. If this is your domain, please change it now."

But these that area in SEO + URLs is missing! (see image). So I can't change anything there.

I have checked in the database configuration table but PS_SHOP_DOMAIN and PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL have the right domain.

As I didn't know where the problem is, I restored Web files and database backups, but the problem is still there!

Somebody know what is happening here?

Many thanks!


configuration table:


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Many thanks Datatrick!

tb_shop_url was empty. I have deleted it and import the one from the database of a test install and now it has the right values and the front office works.

Do you know why this table was empty? I mean that I restored the database from 3 diferent backups from a date I'm sure the Web works fine, but it seems that tb_shop_url was not restored correctly even though the restore utility said it was successful 😞

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