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Override Module.php



I'm using Bootstrap 5.1 in my theme, so I need to replace




in file /classes/module/Module.php

So I created a file Module.php in /override/classes/:

class ModuleOverride extends Module
    public function displayConfirmation($string)
        // Fix Bootstrap 5, added: data-bs-dismiss
        $output = '
        <div class="bootstrap">
        <div class="module_confirmation conf confirm alert alert-success">
            <button type="button" class="close" data-bs-dismiss="alert">&times;</button>

        return $output;

    public function displayError($error)
        // // Fix Bootstrap 5, added: data-bs-dismiss
        $output = '
        <div class="bootstrap">
        <div class="module_error alert alert-danger" >
            <button type="button" class="close" data-bs-dismiss="alert">&times;</button>';

        if (is_array($error)) {
            $output .= '<ul>';
            foreach ($error as $msg) {
                $output .= '<li>'.$msg.'</li>';
            $output .= '</ul>';
        } else {
            $output .= $error;

        // Close div opened previously
        $output .= '</div></div>';

        return $output;

unfortunately override is not loaded.

When I edited directly file Module.php in /classes/module/ fix works.

Deleted cache folder and file class_index.php.

I also copy file Module.php to /override/classes/module/, but it didn't help.

It's possible to override Module.php?


Edited by Adik
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