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Address edition from customers broken - any tips for debugging?



Hello everybody!

I am writing an article about ThirtyBees for a reputable IT magazine. I have hit a roadblock during testing.


Steps to reproduce:

* Install ThirtyBess 1.5.1 (PHP 8.2 edition) on OpenBSD 7.5 (-current) with an Apache stack, with Spanish Localization.

* Remove all Zones, Countries and States but the Spanish ones.

* Configure a bunch of dummy Carriers and set the Bankwire module with a dummy configuration.

* Create a dummy product.

* Visit the front office, add the dummy product to cart, proceed  to standard checkout.

* Create a user. Create address for the user.

* With all the fields filled correctly, the address edition process seems stuck in a loop -> everytime you try to save the address, it reloads as if you had entered a wrong field or forgotten to fill a mandatory field.


It looks like when I move to Localization and remove the phone_mobile field from the address format for the country, the error stops happening.


If anybody has any suggestions for further debugging, I'd love to hear them.



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3 hours ago, the.rampage.rado said:

If you don't delete anything in step 2 do you observe the same behavior? 

No, I don't. It works as intended.

Now I am confused as to why Thirtybees misfires if I remove localization data I don't intend to use.

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Oh, it is not about optimization. I just like my admin dashboards decluttered from things I don't use. Removing countries and zones not in use seemed like a good idea at the time.


I am going to move on with the loc rows untouched for the time being. Still, it seems to me like leaving the unused Localization data alone in order to have an operational shop is sweeping a bug under the proverbial carpet. If anybody wants me to try something else in order to squash the bug then I will be happy to assist.


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Hello again.

I am happy to announce this was a PEBKAC error. I had accidentally disabled the Zone that covered the country I wanted to test against (urgh).

Thank you for bearing with me.

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