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Error when trying to add a product


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Hi I always clear my cache the browser that did not work was Opera and MS Edge

A very simple question for you how do I change the shop page design? I've done things like name and logo but the shop layout I want to adjust

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For the slider: disable (an uninstall if you don't plan to use) this module image.png.69c2a58ef66e1d9975249df017d86582.png
For the buy now button probably you have this setting turned off:
(in Product page, just under the product name).

Other than that you have to have quantities available to sell, otherwise the system will hide this button.

Here depending on your settings you will have 'normal' products without combinations (so only 1 combination per product, lets say this candle is only one size and one color, so no user selection is required) or with combinations (few sizes and/or few colors). If you have this cleared and configured per product you have to assign stock for each product combination here: image.thumb.png.55b350224eff2543558603c4a52adaf3.png

On the same page you might wish to not use available quantities at all (lets say you're drop shipping and you know that the product is always available) with this setting: image.png.f8254e9dfb16b0f993be5fbb1568e769.png
(adjust this only if needed as it's per-product and you should go in each product and fix it later). 'Allow orders' will enable purchase even if you have zeroes in all the combinations above. After the order is made it will show negative value.

One more reason not to show this button is advanced stock management but it's quite advanced and probably you have not adjusted anything there so I will not go in that hole 🙂

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