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Migrating from Thirty Bees to Thirty Bees


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I am maintaining a Thirty Bees store that is currently 1.3 and which was originally a PrestaShop store.

The store has been getting less and less stable and now I am getting 500 errors pretty much non-stop including when trying to access the modules area from the backoffice.

I'm considering starting from scratch with a clean install of Thirty Bees 1.5 on a fresh server. 

If I was to do this would it be possible to import all the data, images, etc from the old store?


The store uses a no longer supported module called Advanced Attribute Wizard that was published by PrestoChango. With Thirty Bees advancing as a project does anyone know if that module will continue to work with 1.5? It is essential to the store but is no longer supported. Would be willing to buy a new module that solved the same problem if one exists.

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