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Customer Service - Replying to messages gives a "ThirtyBeesException: No ISO code for email" error


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When trying to respond to a customers message, immediately on replying, there is server error.

It looks like it is expecting an ISO code, but no where to set this. The login details are correct and work for outgoing email just fine (i.e Smarty for email confirmations etc).

Language is all set correctly also.

Anyone else seen this or any suggestions?

Logs show: ThirtyBeesException: No ISO code for email

#0 classes/Mail.php(384)
#1 classes/Mail.php(193): MailCore::getMailTemplates("reply_msg", "/var/www/84bd05c4-22f5-4b41-b8a1-adda1c8ca142/public_html/mails/", Shop#1, 1)
#2 controllers/admin/AdminCustomerThreadsController.php(638): MailCore::Send(1, "reply_msg", "An answer to your message is available #ct1 #tcCF1sA4QLQ9To", array(4), "x@x.com", null, "x@x.com", "Customer Service", null, null, "/var/www/84bd05c4-22f5-4b41-b8a1-adda1c8ca142/public_html/mails/", true, 1)
#3 classes/controller/Controller.php(198): AdminCustomerThreadsControllerCore->postProcess()
#4 classes/Dispatcher.php(851): ControllerCore->run()
#5 admin693uc5pu8/index.php(58): DispatcherCore->dispatch()


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Do you have all the emails in your /mails/ directory?

They are organized in folders under ISO codes: /en/, /bg/, /es/, etc.

If the folder of your language or reply_msg template in it are missing this might be causing the issue.

EDIT: Same with /themes/YOUR_THEME/mails/ folder - I think those are used and if they are missing the system falls back to /mails/ folder....

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