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Change Blog Name from "Bees Blog"



Where can I change the Title nameof the globalblog module? On the Front Office, customers see the title and breadcrumbs as "Bees Blog".

I need to change it so it's custom and fitting for mt store.

I looked in translations and didn't see it. Theres nothing in the Blog settings itself that I can find.

Perhaps I'll have to use File Manager and edit the actual file itself? If so, That's ridiculous. Why would people want their websites to all say "bees blog" if your site has nothing to do with bees?

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On 6/8/2024 at 2:52 AM, DRMasterChief said:

PLEASE  tell all of us how you solved it,  this is how an forum should work  😉

Not all modules work the same way. Some modules simply install and then you find them on the left menu and configure from there. Others you configure in the Modules dashboard by finding the module and opening it to configure. Obviously I was brain dead and looking everywhere exceptin the Module dashboard to open the Blog Module and configure from there. Couldn't see the forest for the trees.

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