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TB News subscription module: Newsletter Subscription voucher not being emailed after signup.



I'm using the TB Newsletter Block for newsletter signup. It includes a field for a Voucher Code; which I created and pasted the voucher code in the module settings.

I created a new test customer using an email I have access to, and I signed up for the newsletter subscription.

But NO EMAIL was sent with a voucher code.

No Voucher Code is available in the customer account dashboard.

Why is it not sending the code? How do I get it to send it?

P.S. My website email is functioning correctly because I've tested the Contact Us page and am receiving the emails from that.

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Works properly for me:


When this email is sent depends on your verificaiton settings. If you opted for email verification, it will be send only after your customer verifies their email.

Also, the voucher is send only first time you register the email address. Subsequent attempts to register the same email address will not trigger new email/voucher, obviously.

Check your email settings. Check you email logs. Check Advanced Paramters > Logs to see if there are some warnings related to email templates.

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