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Bulk image and variant combination Module


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Storecommander isnt functional in 1.0.3 thats what i tried with the trial version. So no its not an option for me. In Prestashop there are modules called Handy Bulk actions module and Bulk combinations images set Module. These are my Favorites and just need to know if they are Compatible in TB.

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Hi @P-Stubler

We do not officially support ThirtyBeez yet but our first tests are passed. You should not be blocked on the first screen. You can contact our support and we will investigate this problem.

Note: Store Commander replaces the PrestaShop backoffice for every days operations to boost your productivity. It cannot be compared to +50 modules which only answer to one issue each (instead purchasing 10 modules with several UX design, think about a global solution with a very good support).

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