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Error when try to make a payment with test card


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Argument 1 passed to AdapterPackItemsManager::getPackItems() must be an instance of Pack, instance of Product given, called in /var/www/html/publichtml/Core/Business/Stock/CoreBusinessStockStockManager.php on line 58 at line 53 in file Adapter/AdapterPackItemsManager.php

I have thirty bees 1.0.3 and installed last version of stripe (stripe-v1.3.2.zip), when I make the payment with a test card I have the above error. 0_1503580560238_cd873da1-fa20-4438-a2c2-b7db6ad3d213-image.png

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@traumflug I have tested it with a standard product and it works 100% correct. When a customer found the issue, I search for the issue to see if it was something pre-existing in Prestashop. I found this thread, however decided to rather open a issue on Github. Should we rather continue the onversation there?

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