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Odd product download behavior


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I'm wondering whether anybody out there is using virtual products, with product downloads. Unlike product attachments, these downloads are only accessible after a purchase and only to this customer. I'm just looking into it and it looks a bit messy.

  • One can create such a download, but not delete it. Once created, the database entry is always kept, as far as my research goes.
  • One can delete the file for this download, but this deletes just the file. The download record with the files' name is kept in the DB.
  • One can deactivate such a download, but after reactivation, it's file is no longer recognized. Which means, the file is leaked, wasting disk space, and has to be uploaded again.

Despite this questionable behavior, there are no bug reports I'm aware of. Which means it's so buggy that nobody is using it?

While I can certainly fix this behavior, I'm still asking. Because zero, or close to zero users of this feature means that I have a bit more freedom with these fixes. thirty bees 1.0.x shall not break PS compatibility :-)

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