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Where and how to add missing PayPal profiles



I'm trying to set up the PayPal v4.0.0 - by Thirty Bees module.

I visited https://developer.paypal.com/ and can't see where to "create a new CLIENT ID and SECRET for the REST API.

Also, the module page says:

Website Profiles In order to provide the best checkout experience, all profiles have to be loaded and available.

Unfortunately, some profiles are missing: (These are the two that I want to use) Website Payments Standard: Express Checkout:

I have PayPal working on my live site and have the API Username (Client ID?) and my API password (SECRET?)

So how or where do I add the missing profiles, please?

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Hi! I have done the same and when you come to the developer site you need to go to your dashboard and then credentials. Scroll down and you will see REST API. There you need to create a project whatever and then you well see your credentials. There is two different ones, one for sandbox and one for live. There is a button in the right corner where you switch between them. When you have put the credentials in the system the profiles will also load You seem to have credentials for the normal Paypal module that will not work on TB

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