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  1. Good work @alwayspaws , thanks for taking the time to do that tutorial.
  2. @alwayspaws said in How to get fastest ThirtyBees?: Does store commander allow the creation of products to prepare them for combinations or do you still have to create single products and then add their combinations? Yes - you can create combination products singly from the SC back office interface, or up to about 30 at a time easily from a .CSV import.
  3. That is a nice theme, glad to hear it.
  4. Very nice work y'all, this will be nice to have.
  5. @alwayspaws said in Learning curve for Product Combinations with Store Commander?: How much of a learning curve is there for creating products with combinations with Store Commander? If you are doing a mass .csv import of say 30 products at a time with combinations, images, features, etc. it can be fairly daunting. If you want to create products one at a time and then add the images, features, etc. using the SC interface it's very very easy.
  6. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Your site images look good to me, but I'm not running the resolution you are. Seems that something has changed between PS 1.5 and 1.6, maybe. I remember the Warehouse theme specifically mentioning Retina Image quality in 1.5, and now it's nowhere to be found in 1.6: https://themeforest.net/item/warehouse-responsive-prestashop-16-theme-blog/3178575?s_rank=1
  7. @MockoB said in Retina images! Please help!: "I saw some templates whith perfect sharp images and some are not? Is it template related issue? I am selling jewellery and I can't afford using the basic settings." Hi Mocko, which templates do you speak of? Can you point us to a specific product page of your site? What's the dimensions and resolution of the image? Post the actual image here? Maybe that will help identify the issue.
  8. Good news - I can say that Store Commander works just fine with 30bz :-) @spidawebs go ahead and give it a try, I think you'll be pleased. @wakabayashi have you tried their demo or trial yet?
  9. Thanks for your work on this Anima.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to update here Michael.
  11. Thanks Lesley, it would be great if it works out of the box. Store Commander also writes: "You're not the only one ;) Your name is our "internal' list, so no worries, we'll get back to you."
  12. @spidawebs said in How to get fastest ThirtyBees?: So good news that they are planning to support TB - let hope all the other developers are going to do the same. Glad to see it, looks like it will happen, here's what I got back from them: "We have already check Thirty Bees and we added to our list of development, but we\'re not gonna have a Store Commander for Thirty Bees just yet. We have plenty to do already, but it\'s noted :)"
  13. @spidawebs said in How to get fastest ThirtyBees?: @wakabayashi you should really try store commander, it saves so much time when editing products. Yes, it costs a little extra but we have been using it for 18 months without a single problem. It saves us hours every day. I completely agree - Store Commander is completely solid and worth every penny. @spidawebs - maybe now that thirty bees is officially released we should start hounding SC to support 30bz.
  14. While we are making a Wish List around Combinations, I would like to be able to use multiple Items with Combinations to make a Product Pack. PS 1.5 documentation states: "You cannot currently add combinations ... to a pack ... This is a known limitation that will be fixed in a coming version of PrestaShop." Yes there are PS modules out there to do this, notably Advanced Pack 5 - by Presta-Module for $249 US. But maybe thirty bees will incorporate this limitation into the core someday. The way that my shop needs to use it is as follows: We sell a bed and it comes in five different sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King, two different woods: Oak, Maple and is available in different colors: Unfinished, Standard Finish, and Custom Finish. Complicating this matter is that the Manufacturer sells the beds in three component parts: Headboard, Footboard, and Rails. I would create the three component parts of headboard, footboard and rails, each with attributes of size, wood, and color. Then ideally we will be able to offer "Jamestown Beds" on 1 product page and allow the customer to select the size, wood, and color for each of the three components (headboard, footbboard, rails) and the price would be calculated on the fly. This state of being would be called Nirvana :-)
  15. Everyone is excited for the release! Let's be patient as I'm sure the thirty bees team is working diligently and want a rock solid product.
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