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Autumn theme nearly compatible


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Hi all,

A few years ago I purchased the Autumn theme for PS - (http://bit.ly/2wTAZLj)

This theme runs on some of our PS-shops and the usability is very pleasant, at least it has been well received by our clients for years. The theme has a particularly nice blog and a fine menu. It is almost compatible with thirty bees. But, there are a few minor flaws that cannot be solved by the creator of the theme because the theme is no longer supported by him. Who can and would like to help me get this theme compatible with thirty bees? Thanks in advance!

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Hmm, if we make changes to it, how would people get them unless we distributed it? But that would be against the license, unless he wanted to open the license up. Also, that theme needs a good security check, it was one of the themes that had hacked modules if I am remembering correctly.

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