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GoShippo - a great Shipping Service with many delivery options



This is an excellent shipping service with a lot of options for several delivery companies:

A complete shipping toolkit, built for developers:


From that page:

RESTful and Reliable API

Backwards compatible versioning, update on your schedule

Clearly defined endpoints, built on RESTful principles

Mimic production using test mode, zero surprises going live

Example code to get started with our pre-built libraries

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I contacted them about TB and here's the reply, which looks easily integrated into TB:

atm we don't provide a direct connection with Thirty Bees - I'm sorry about that! For a full list of the e-commerce store integrations Shippo currently offers, please see our "How it Works" page.

However, you can still easily pull all your orders into Shippo by using our CSV upload functionality. This is a very common choice for our customers whose store platforms aren't yet fully integrated with Shippo. For more information on how the CSV upload process works, click here.

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@mdekker I attached their sample csv. It looks really straightforward. :)

Here's the link that shows the info I pasted below: 01506863556050shipposamplecsv.csv https://support.goshippo.com/hc/en-us/articles/203948179

CSV files are useful if you need to upload a large amount of information to create a batch of labels. They're great for users whose e-commerce stores Shippo does not yet connect with.

Here’s the process:

Create your CSV file. This can be done either in Google Sheets or in Excel. Download our sample CSV file to see how to format your file. See bottom for list of Required, Recommended & Optional fields Once your CSV has been created, click the Import CSV button in the upper right corner of the Orders tab. You can either drag your CSV file to the box or click on Select File to browse your computer for the file. Match the column titles in your CSV with ours. Our system will process most of the obvious ones, but please verify that all the fields are mapped correctly!

Once you’ve uploaded your file, you’ll receive a summary message via email identifying how many of your orders were successfully and unsuccessfully uploaded. Error message(s) are included outlining any errors in the file. If there are errors, please edit your CSV and re-upload the orders that included errors. NOTE: if you have multiple orders that have the same order number, even if they have unique values for customer name, address, etc., they will be uploaded as a single "order" in Shippo. Only the address of the first row will be saved on the order. Please be sure to use unique order numbers to distinguish your orders!

Required Fields: Recipient name Street line 1 Postal/Zip code: For the few countries that don't have zip codes i.e. Hong Kong and Ireland, import a dummy code, e.g. 00000. City State: U.S. domestic shipments require a two-letter state code. See here for a complete listing of state abbreviations in the US. Country: The country code must be a 2-character abbreviation. See here for a list. Recipient email: If you don’t have your customer’s email, enter your own email. *Phone number: Please note this is only required if you are shipping internationally via FedEx, UPS, or USPS PM Express. If you don't know the customer's phone number, enter your own.

Recommended Fields: State: Some countries other than the U.S. require state information. See here for details. Order number: Using order numbers will help you identify each order; you can display them on the packing slips and shipping labels. Total order weight & Total order weight unit: importing these two values will pre-fill the package weight and allows for bulk label creation with differing weights. The weight value must be a number, the unit needs to be “oz,” “g,” “lb,” or “kg.” Order date: The recommended format is YYYY-MM-DD.

Optional fields: Company name Street line 2 Street number: Only required for DHL Germany shipments. DHL Germany requires the house number (or apartment number) to be separated from the street name. For all other cases, it can be part of Street line 1. Total order price & Order currency: Price must be given as a number, currency as the three-character abbreviation, e.g. USD. Item title Item quantity SKU number Price per item & Item price currency: Same as Order price and Order currency. Weight per item & Weight unit: These can be used as substitutes (or in addition) to the Total order weight. If both of these are included, then the weight fields will be pre-filled. Please note that the same format restrictions apply as for the Total order weight.

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GoShippo is really IMO a dream come true. I used them from 2015 to the end of 2016 when I closed that site.


Shippo API Integration Frequently Asked Questions


Personal note: Don't ever close a site no matter what. Put it on vacation or something. Wish I knew then what I know now. I lost eight years of "goodwill", testimonials and rants and raves over my customer service and products.

I'm going to add screenshots of my testimonials to my testimonials page as soon as I get a chance.

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Are there no carriers around in uk/us who have a prestashop module when you become a customer? I have never paid 1 penny for a shipping solution(exept ofcourse the shipping costs) Carriers are happy to welcome you as a customer and lots of them have solutions with prestashop... at least in the netherlands there are. You only have to ask them because most of them dont advertise with this solutions, also not on addons store.

for netherlands, germany, france, austria and belgium you have already this free tool: https://www.sendcloud.eu/

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