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How to remove the Specials, Featured Articles & Recent Articles in Footer?



How do I remove these blocks from my footer, please?

0_1507385083984_footer catalog - I want to remove it.jpg

I checked the "no" box to always display the three sections you see in the screenshot, cleared cache, browser cache and closed browser, reopened and those are still there.

Note to @DaoKakao I went to the Envato Transformer forum to post this question. I signed in and scrolled to the very bottom where it says "Add a comment". I added my question and I sorted by newest first and it's not there. How did you do it, please? Thank you!

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@alwayspaws I\ll try to guess... You using the transformer v3 which is for PS 1.6 version, right? So, as far as i understood, theme's authors have moved such stuff, as custom links, custom contents to their respective modules. First you should search that modules, one-by-one, very thoroughly for this links presence.

As for envanto - usualy i sign in and simply click on the "### comments" link (### - means number, now it is near 2900), and it opens the last page with most recent comments. Envato's search and sorting are very weird (as it seems to me) :)

UPD: and i can see two your comments at the very end of page

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@DaoKakao Yes, transformer v3 - PS 1.6 version

Those blocks are by Jonny. Do you mean go through stthemeeditor by Jonny to find those? I have, so far can't find them.

Envato is very weird! I have to sign in, check the box for "From buyers and authors only" and then I click the box for "newest".

Oh, I'm glad you can see the comments. I still can't see them, regardless of the three browsers I use.

Thank you! :)

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