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PayPal module does not set a status in BO




in my case (TB1.3 and latest PayPal module: TB GIT each time a customer checked out via PayPal successfully there is not status set in BO.

Just "--" .

fact is, that the transfer was successful when going to paypal.com order history. I assume that might be the case since I might have swapped arround the standard order status IDs in DB at some time? Or may be that I do not have any EN lang anymore in DB?

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I found out that this is caused via the option to check out with the PayPal express option activated and user checking out via PP express.

At the moment PayPal is configured to use "paying standards" & "paypal express".

A customer told me today that he experienced issues with the PP Express checkout. From the shop to PayPal is working fine and the customer could "buy" via PayPal. But then he was redirected to our shop where it said he had to hit "buy" button again. If he did so a white page occured. He tried the same via smartphone and his smartphone already showed the white page or stopped loading at the ppoint when the redirect to the shop was due.

So, he had the feeling that he baught the articles via PayPal but was unsure if all went well. Fact is that in PayPal transfer history the transfer was shown as successful. In Prestahop the order appears too but without any status.

I would like to know if this happens in our stores too or if this Express checkout via PayPal is working flawlessly. And if there is meant to be shown a proper redirect page and a "Thank you after checkout page".

PS: Until I know I I can expect help can I deinstall this TB PayPal module and use the Prestashop one? I hate asking but I am in very need of a working PayPal checkout (and Express and Login feature - this also triggers a 500 page not found error).

PSS: Is it to assume that all these issues could be theme related?

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