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  1. Ciao, ho un problema con il modulo block_categories. Ho un elenco di categorie, quando sono all'interno di una categoria che ha sottocategorie, quelle sottocategorie non sono mostrate nell'elenco nella colonna di sinistra. Ho provato sia il modulo PrestaShop che il modulo Trentadue senza risultati. Ho mantenuto la stessa configurazione del modulo, nel sito con prestashop funziona correttamente, sul mio sito di test con trentabees non funziona correttamente. Il negozio è stato migrato da un e-commerce creato con prestashop. La versione attuale di trentaduees è 1.1.0 La versione di prestashop di origine è
  2. Hi, I have a problem with the block_categories module. I have a list of categories, when i am within a category which has subcategories, those subcategories are not shown in the list in the left column. I have tried both the prestashop module and the thirtybees module with no results. I kept the same configuration of the module, in the site with prestashop it works correctly, on my test site with thirtybees it does not work correctly. The shop was migrated from an e-commerce created with prestashop. The current version of thirtybees is 1.1.0 The version of prestashop of origin is Some examples on attached screenshot.
  3. Hello. I have a problem with layered navigation i think, when i copy/past the same link it disappears. Example: https://www.sitename.com/it/category-911#/featurename_-featurevalue redirects to https://www.sitename.com/it/category-911# Is this a common problem?
  4. Hi, thank you very much, I tried to make the changes it indicates but the result is the following: (screenshot attached)
  5. Hi, is it possible to show product image in order conf email? I find this but it doesn't work: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/229948-how-to-put-product-images-in-customer-order-mail/?tab=comments#comment-2089340
  6. I solved the problem myself. I uploaded the correct "BlockNewProducts" module files to the correct template folders.
  7. Hi, is it possible to display in the "Niara" template the contents of the tabs as they were displayed in the "community-default" template? I mean viewing them in the same place and not one after the other. (attached screenshots)
  8. Hi, I also had the same problem and in addition to the error notifications I had a page display problem for some categories, not all but only some randomly. With this fix now everything works again. Thanks so much.
  9. Good morning, Is it possible to report the availability date of the product also in the product-list-item.tpl file? I tried copying the even code from the product.tpl page with no results.
  10. Buongiorno, è possibile riportare la data di disponibilità del prodotto anche nel file product-list-item.tpl? ho provato a copiare il codice pari pari dalla pagina product.tpl senza risultati.
  11. hello everyone, I solved the problem by uninstalling the thirtybees bankwire module and reinstalling the prestashop bankwire module, in this way bankwire orders are correctly accounted for in the statistics.
  12. Thanks @toplakd, but I have already set all the order statuses in this way, the problem is that bankwire orders are not counted (screenshot attached)
  13. Hello evreyone, how can I make the bankwire orders signed as "paid" as soon as it change status order in "shipped"? in this way bankwire orders are not counted in the statistics.
  14. Grazie mille per il consiglio, sono stati sistemati i permessi sul database per la creazione di tabelle temporanee ed ora funziona correttamente.
  15. Thanks a lot for the advice, the permissions on the database for creating temporary tables have been fixed and now it works correctly.
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