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  1. thank you very much btw, I normally don't forget that :'D thanks for your help!
  2. I cannot really give you access to my store, so I installed a 1.1.0 shop from scratch and this problem seems to be persistent, the price for the second combination is wrong, about the same amount, so this is a bug now as it seems 😞 What I did: - install fresh 1.1.0 TB - remove all taxes and tax rules and set one up for all countries that has 13% - add the product with it's two combinations to the coffee category - create merchant customer group and put a discount on the coffee category with 52.80%. - create a user and assign him to the merchant group The prices are like in my previous post from my live shop: Comb A: 15.87 (correct imo) Comb B: 82.24 (wrong imo) Creating a bug report now...
  3. That reminds me of some other important thing: please keep the top menu bar alive haha :'D I hate this ugly beast on the left side πŸ˜‰ Top bar is much better accessible
  4. Some idea of a more general nature: I just read through some articles about bootstrap alternatives and stumbled across an interesting article which is targeted at mobiles. I know TB is mobile friendly etc, but how about changing your strategy in general (not that I had any idea of your strategy^^) to deliver a mobile-first application that is made for mobiles but also works great on desktop. We ourselves have already over 50 or 60% mobile users and this number will be going up even more for everyone in the future. So I think design and code wise it should be created with mobile-first thoughts, ideas and strategies in mind and just make it work for desktop afterwards. I believe this to be very future proof and a step before so many others. Maybe what it would need first is just a new theme that is first only created for mobile view, maybe a completely different interface that is most easy to use on a mobile device and then try to adjust that layout to desktop. Or make a theme for desktop (current ones) and one additional for mobile that is lightweight. Codewise I can't say anything about it, I know only little about the full prestashop core, just enough to make some most simple modules myself or make slight core adjustments (which I have actually left behind with prestashop :'D). But maybe it's possible to not use the full extent of the code when a mobile is recognized to make it more lightweight, no idea πŸ™‚ Just something to keep in mind I guess, mobiles will be the top devices for viewing websites, they ofc already are. Thought of sharing that as I have to get used to the mobile first fact myself, I always forget about these tiny devices and love visiting websites much more on desktops myself, yet there are other people out there and they tend to do the opposite :'D
  5. So either I'm calculating something wrong (again), have it set up incorrectly, or there's a bug regarding price calculation in my shop when there's a combination with increased price and a customer group discount active. Here's my product settings: TAX: 13% No-Tax Price: 33.619469 Retail price = retail price combination A: 37.99 Retail price combination B: 113.00 Setup Combination A: no price change Setup Combination B: imp. on price: + 75.01 (tax incl) -> tb puts 66.380531 into tax excl. field, I think it should be 66.371681 >> How is now the price calculated for my merchant group which has a category-discount of 52.8%? My calculation of what the prices should be (prices for this group are shown w/o taxes, rounded): Comb A: 15.87 (33.619469/100Γ—47.2) Comb B: 47.2 (113/1.13)/100*47.2 What TB displays in store (prices w/o tax): Comb A: 15.87 (same as I have) Comb B: 82.25 (far too high?) So Combination B price in store seems far to high. How is this price being calculated? Shouldn't TB's calculation be more like the result for (113/1.13)/100*47.2 = 47.2? Thanks a lot for your help/advise πŸ™‚ All the best, Oli
  6. I'm on 7.2 currently after switching from 7.1 a second ago πŸ˜„
  7. Hello There πŸ™‚ I'm currently trying to investigate wrong prices for my merchant customer group. So I started at the very beginning, the price tab when editing products. Not sure if I'm calculating this incorrectly, or if there's a bug in my 1.1.0 shop. My tax in the shop is set to 13% Example: I set the retail price with tax to 20 Euro and it shows the pre-tax price as 17.699115, when it should actually be 17.4? Or is my calculation (20-(20/100*13)) wrong? If so I'll further investigate this, otherwise glad it was my mistake πŸ˜„ Thanks for a quick answer! Oli
  8. oh cool, thank you! weird that I haven't found the user or repo by searching github... Thanks! I'm very new to ps/tb module dev and am not a programmer but more a content creator/designer/scripter. So the time I can spend on coding is a bit limited but I'll see what I can do, I need this too asap πŸ™‚ I'll surely update you as soon as I know that there's any chance of me getting it to work/done, or maybe i'm just going to pay someone to develop it for me, in any case I'd make it publicly available, hopefully as open source. But I sadly cannot guarantee you that there will be a module in the end πŸ™‚
  9. As I'm once more looking for a good solution (mainly without third party service behind like blockonomics or coingate) I tried to follow the github link (https://github.com/vblanch/cryptocurrencypsmodule), but it seems this user has abandoned github. @30knees you do not happen to have downloaded the repo and could make it available for download? πŸ™‚ If anyone has knowledge of another module that doesn't use a third party service, it would be great if you could post it here so I could have a look at it as well. I'm very much in need of such a module πŸ˜‰ edit: just saw the blockchain payment api v2... guess I'll give it a go even though I've never created a payment module for ps yet 😱 Thanks a lot! Oli
  10. Yes I'm still checking some things, just got rid of all blocked ip which wasn't the problem. What strangely was working was an update to the same shop version which actually added 2 new files, that was working strangely but when choosing an issue it's not working, is there any big difference between the "links" used to get the stable data and the bleeding edge data? Is there anyway to download the issue as zip or something so i can update the files by extracting them myself on the server? Couldn't find the issue on github... Thanks a lot for your help!
  11. I have some trouble with updates of modules and shop. I tried to update a clone of my shop to a bleeding edge version to try the new geolocation module I'm in dire need of πŸ˜‰ I'm currently on 1.1.0. But updating the shop or modules doesn't seem to work anymore so to test this further I also installed fresh copies of 1.0.8 and 1.1.0 but it's everywhere the same for some month now. Updating isn't possible anymore. Here you can find some probably related errors. Fresh Shop Installations succeed with following errors (TB V 1.0.8 & 1.1.0) An error occurred during installation... This is a non-fatal error. It can be fixed in Backoffice later. Just jot it down or make a screenshot to not forget it now, or look it up in logs/ later. Translations for English (English) and thirty bees version 1.0.8 not found. Translations for thirty bees version 1.0.7 not found either. Translations for English (English) not installed. No translations pack available for your version. Translations for Deutsch (German) and thirty bees version 1.0.8 not found. Translations for thirty bees version 1.0.7 not found either. Translations for Deutsch (German) not installed. No translations pack available for your version. Happens with 1.0.8 and 1.1.0 ofc with 1.1.0 the version numbers are different. Back in time when switching to TB I never ever had any installation problems, warnings or errors. Shop Update with Core Updater So I thought I read somewhere that the issue for the maxmind module is 823 so i chose this issue and clicked compare in the core updater. Comparison sometimes works, most of the time the first time it doesn't and shows below error. Also if it does work the same error also appeares everytime when clicking on update. Error: Request to https://www.domain.tld/shop/admin/index.…51b83a&action=processUpdate&ajax=1 failed with status 'rejected'. controller.js:210:13 Modules I cannot update modules for some time now. There's no error messages in debug mode. Steps and what they lead to (all in backend->modules): Doing module update: bootstrap success-message appears that says it's been updated, but version still the same and the module in the module list still shows the update button instead of configure or whatever. Installing module that isn't yet in the modules folder: 3 errors - thirty bees Updater: There was an error while extracting the module file (file may be corrupted). - Module not found - Module Block Links cannot be upgraded: Error while extracting the latest version. Uploading and installing a module zip file via the backend interface, if it's an update or doesn't exist yet: Works like a charm, it uploads it, unzips it, installs it, i can configure it, everything good. So all this doesn't look like folder/file permission problems. I installed some birthday module and the latest core updater version without problems. Problems exist with all core updater versions. Conclusion Seems like it's server related or a bug. Maybe it's got problems retrieving stuff from the git repository, downloads broken packages even or there's some bug in unzipping the package? Because sometimes comparing works and sometimes is says there's a js problem while using the same issue as comparison. I think wakabayashi already said everythings running fine for him so maybe there's really some server settings that need to be adjusted. What makes me believe more in a server settings issue is that 1.0.8 for sure was working fine until I switched to 1.1.0 and this version updated fine as well in the beginning if I remember correctly. And I updated quite a lot of modules without any problems. And now fresh installations of 1.0.8 and 1.1.0 all have the same problems. So this leads me to believe that some server settings have been changed. I'll also ask my hoster if there was any server related updates, but as I can't remember how long this problem exists, it might be hard to pin point a guilty one πŸ™‚ If someone has an idea what could be responsible here please share πŸ˜„ ----------------- What it also cannot load is bootstrap-sortable: Error: The resource from β€œhttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/drvic10k/bootstrap-sortable/1.11.2/Scripts/bootstrap-sortable.js” was blocked due to MIME type (β€œtext/plain”) mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff). en ... but I think that's not related? Strange though as I have set the mime type for js as application/javascript on my server so not sure where this text/plain comes from... Or should I set my servers mime definition to text/plain? But that wouldn't be so good I think?^^ System: Apache 2.4, PHP 7.1 Thanks a lot! Oli
  12. Quick question: Would anyone have an idea on how to access the geolocation country? I was able to convert the database to the old format and my TB accepted it. Now how can I access the geolocation country from a tpl file? I tried using {$geolocation_country} as this is being set in the front controllers geolocation management function, but it doesn't output anything. Geolocation is of course activated in the backend. I just try to output {$geolocation_country} at the top of the product.tpl somewhere just to see if it's working. Should i create a module first that gets hooked to the product page and saves the geolocation country to the config first so i can read it from the tpl file, or does such a variable already exist? I need country name or code, just some identifier.
  13. Yes geolocation isn't too precise and therefore has it's uses, but shouldn't be used for everything, it's not even legal to use it for certain things. It's all written in the maxminds usage and terms of service texts, just read. But it's not absolutely useless as you say, there are good use-cases and if people use VPN or proxy servers, they hopefully are aware of that (they would be the ones who "suffer")! As you see, most use cases have a positive impact on the user experience and are not necessary, but nice to have. If users then use VPN or proxies, they just do not get the full experience, their fault and no problem for us πŸ˜‰
  14. yes that's working without problems, I can easily upload and extract a module via backend, just did that with some modules and they are being extracted, install and configuring works also like a charm πŸ™‚ don't worry, I'll check it myself it's not that urgent, I just thought there might be something wrong with your updater module so I thought of telling you, but I'm actually currently working on other stuff as well πŸ˜‰ I'll update this thread if I find a problem that might be related to TB and not caused by myself somehow. I probably will have a look at it tomorrow once more digging a bit deeper as I could today. Have a great day Petr!
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