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  1. Thanks so much mate I really appreciate you taking that time to do that. I've now disabled the module that I must have accidentally enabled ... the native thirty bees module "Customer Reassurance" and doing so has fixed the problem. Also thanks to @haylauwWho also identified the problem @datakickpthis native module is causing conflicts with the Niara theme as above, the only solution is to disable it.
  2. I block every country except my own via Cloudflare, allowing only Google and Facebook.
  3. It may have been a troublesome module which created display issues. I've since removed it, but this remains. I never directly alter code myself @haylauso something has completely removed the Niara footer. I know there's a magic button somewhere from previous experience. Pushing it resolves everything, but damned if I can remember where it is!
  4. Yes for sure. It won't be public access, it'll be authenticated for invited users. And no data will go directly to the website, it'll go through several layers of automated checks and real person checks before being approved to go to the website itself
  5. For some as yet unknown reason I've lost all my Footer info and layout and it's been replaced with this unfortunate mess. I know there's a magic button somewhere to fix this as I've seen this scene once before but I can't find the solution after about an hour's searching. Can someone put me out of my website's misery and tell me where this button is?! Thanks.
  6. I'm thinking of multiple scenarios that involve data input but primarily where other businesses can add their products.
  7. Hmmm sounds like quite an undertaking! I'm looking for something that will process by the same rules as the website but go past admin first for approval before being actually processed. There's probably a module somewhere that I could use, but external to the site is what I'm after. I guess I was looking to see who's tried this and knew what traps to be careful of. I'm hopeful that processing this via @datakickmmodule, XML, will be the way to go but Google sheets doesn't do XML natively so I was fishing about to see if there was some clever plan someone had, otherwise I'll probably use a 3rd party XML plug in. To get it to datakick module. Your code sounds proprietary so it's just tips I'd be after.
  8. Has anyone tried creating an external import site, where others can enter information and pictures thats uploaded via xml to the website? Something like Google Sheets/ Forms. (via a 3rd party as Sheets doesn't natively support XML export) Any tips/experiences? I'm considering doing this using the Datakick module.
  9. Hopefully at some point @datakick will add it to his module as I use the Datakick module for everything and not the db directly. He's estimated to me it involves a couple hours work to do it.With at least a couple of us wanting it , it may yet make it on the the list 🙂
  10. Great thanks, Within the datakick module or just using by using db directly?
  11. The customer data isn't in any datasets, I too would love to see this, particularly notes also, in a dataset.
  12. Yes the getdatakick module is essential for all data management really, importing, exporting, mass updates, reporting, 3rd party integrations, Without it you could only run a limited website.
  13. I've been told it's cloudflare controlling this, its one of the many features in that. I'm getting round to understanding exactly which feature it is and whether they can do exceptions via the API etc. When I've got to the bottom of this I'll post up here what I found it's quite a good feature to know about.
  14. Its very strange then if TB isnt operating a script to prevent image download... It may be a cloudflare setting preventing image download.... however to date Ive not found it. (tried hotlink protection off)
  15. In setting up 3rd party access to my site's data, I supply a url to the image on the website, which I want them to download and sync to their server. However, to prevent "the internet" from downloading images, TB seems to prevent this... which is good. Is there an easy (no coding adjustments, just UI ) way by which we can permit some IP's to access and download the images?
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