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  1. Im wanting to revamp the look of my site and am mulling over themes. Ive only ever used the community theme plus Datakick's one page checkout module and so I'd say thats one key reason why the site isnt very good especially in the eyes of site analysers who often find things wrong with the site. I acknowledge its pretty cr*p looking, even if it is functionally pretty good the front end does not cut it to the point where I want to push this website because people go there and I never see them again. But I want to change that so its smart, fast and looks great and looks trustworthy and try this again. (In terms of fast I use cloudflare CDN already so its not bad, but faster still is better still) So who uses what theme successfully and happily? and all the indications are your customers love the theme?
  2. Ok thanks folks, All I did was uninstall tbupdater as per Yabbers suggestion. After that I then ran Core Updater which was obviously previously having a conflict with tbupdater, but which was now fine... and everything updated to 1.5.1 just fine it seems. Thanks
  3. I appear to have a working version of 1.4, but Core Updater seems to not be updating to 1.5+ Error message Details Module 'thirty bees Updater' [tbupdater] is not compatible with target version of thirty bees v1.6.7 - This is the Updater Version I have, it doesn't seem to be updatable further than that. ALSO: PANDA- Apparently Sunny has released an update of Panda, is this true, does it work ok?
  4. Ive managed to get the majority of things working again @datakick. Still getting double display of payment options Credit Card and Paypal (that's been ongoing since I got the cart ), this is just a normal bugfix. Still had the "Registered Hooks are executables" message in Consistency Checks, which I fixed manually. this bug will of course be ignored, but just advising anyway.
  5. What methods can I use to check the difference between my files inc permissions... And what they should be? I had a full disk the other day and that generated 500 errors which I subsequently fixed when disk space was restored... but perhaps something happened to code/ data when that disk got full? Using Core Updater it suggests my files are correct, is there any other way to double check... Note... My earlier post showed that there may be also be executables publically accessible.
  6. Im wondering if this could have been a hack or hack attempt as from here.
  7. Not even slightly true. I download the file generated by the 500 error and upload that into the decrypt function and nothing gets returned. It always used to decrypt fine. This is the file, and here is the image of me decrypting it. The file is not empty or non existant. After the decrypt runs, I get the attached message saying "settings have been updated". which sounds weird as no settings should be updated by this process, I should simply be seeing the errors @datakick exception_202351910017(1).txt
  8. Yes, see two comments above, inc 1 directly above
  9. This from the Console, also attached is Consistency Checks Output. NOTE: Enabling Debug mode added no obvious information on the pages concerned. Exception { name: "NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED", message: "Component returned failure code: 0x80004001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED) [nsIAppStartup.secondsSinceLastOSRestart]", result: 2147500033, filename: "resource:///modules/BrowserGlue.sys.mjs", lineNumber: 1611, columnNumber: 0, data: null, stack: "_collectStartupConditionsTelemetry@resource:///modules/BrowserGlue.sys.mjs:1611:9\nBG__onFirstWindowLoaded@resource:///modules/BrowserGlue.sys.mjs:1717:10\nBG_observe@resource:///modules/BrowserGlue.sys.mjs:964:14\n_delayedStartup@chrome://browser/content/browser.js:2029:18\n", location: XPCWrappedNative_NoHelper } BrowserGlue.sys.mjs:1620:15 Some cookies are misusing the recommended “SameSite“ attribute 8 Cookie “ips4_noCache” has been rejected because it is already expired. login update.locale file doesn't exist in either the application or GRE directories 2 UpdateUtils.sys.mjs:138:13
  10. Currently experiencing quite a few 500 errors it seems, have made no code or server changes, haven't had time to debug yet, but also getting this read only error when trying to update Core Updater. EDIT: Also when I tried to update Chex, in the modules folder it said "Missing a temporary folder". EDIT: Also nothing of any note in "Logs", nothing above severity 1 for weeks.
  11. As soon as I click Add To Cart on any product, a 500 error generates. The decrypt function in Logs is not decrypting the message. I'm using Chex checkout. Just updated Core Updater, just checked for module updates. Same prob. Has anyone had this.
  12. My suggestion is to involve more people in the decision making about this website. It isnt fair on Datakick that everything rests with him, and it isnt fair on the rest of us that he alone decides everything... even if he does his best. This isnt Datakicks' website or Smile's, its all of ours. We all have businesses tied to this, it isnt just about Datakick and Smile and we should all have some right to have some say over some aspects and we certainly should not have NO rights as Datakick has said. WTF?!! Overlord alright! I dont care who "owns" the company, we should all have some involvement and input into some things. All TB owners should be able to participate in some aspects of this so that its more democratically decided and less of a burden to Datakick to decide for all of us. There's obviously software around that can do this job so its not a big deal, probably it can even be enabled in github. Owners can feedback about features and see and contribute to these, priorities and to some degree some bugs. Personally I scarcely notice anything that gets done on the website, its all just countless little things not visible to the user's eye, nothing significant as far as features ever seems to change much and the bugs Ive always seen and kept quiet about still mostly exist. If I report about key things like GeoLocation it gets chucked out because it doesnt matter to Datakick! More resource is needed! Much stuff we have no idea about whats coming up, such as warehousing changes and info about the forthcoming warehouse module datakick and smile are working on. We don't we get this info?? Why should it be cloak and dagger? I put a post out seeking details... noone replied... ASM Warehousing is major.... I certainly want to get an idea of what's planned there....
  13. All of this is true and well stated, thanks and we all certainly do appreciate the work that goes on on just keeping the animal alive. If you read between the lines, we are saying similar things in many respects. What I'm saying is that I think the project deserves much more resource than it gets, and that means others directly contributing more to it and getting paid to do so, or some other tangible benefit, by helping. This includes module developers as well as core. I realise its a nice community and that I'm the only asshole here because I say challenging things, but I wouldnt bother with this if I didnt also care and want better things for the site. There's far too much work here for just one man to both manage everything and be lead developer for. There's vast teams out there working on much smaller codebases than this one. The whole thing is far too under resourced for what it is.
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