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  1. Not solved.. same problem exists... the module is incompatible (unless we mess round changing core files which we shouldn't have to)
  2. Mark

    Cant create redirect

    When I changed the primary category for products from Home to whatever was more appropriate @datakick suddenly I got a whole bunch of 404 errors from the old url. It probably would have been better if I'd been warned that changing the directory would change all the urls (yes you can say that's obvious and you are probably right.. but at the time I thought it would be fine), and better still if there had been an automatic redirect created. The only way I can see to fix this now is to go back and create redirects for every product whose category I changed. All I need is some way to do this (I could do it manually in the .htaccess file I know), it seems from what you are saying that the redirect is for already created urls?
  3. Mark

    Cant create redirect

    Fatal error when trying to add a redirect at Preferences/ SEO & URLs Drop down menu asks you to select Page... Default or Modules? Cant actually select one and because this is required , the process become terminal
  4. Has anyone tried any API connector that will connect to other platforms and allow product and warehouse management in tb from their systems?
  5. So is this code thats been built then modified by you guys for thirtybees itself and will absolutely run multiple sellers and vendors? Are you guys selling this module yourselves? This code enables multiple vendors on the thirtybees portal to sell their modules? (Without that being immediately obvious to the user)
  6. Mark

    Positions for mobile

    Ok forget this, I knew this control was somewhere and of course as we all know it's in Modules, with the admin being able to control whether modules are visible on certain devices in there.
  7. Yes i agree with all that and that it probably shouldn't be core functionality. Obviously I'm not talking here in-house teams maintaining for the company, I'm talking about allowing "people" ie other businesses/ entities to create, view and maintain their own (products, warehousing etc). I would expect this would be a whole module unto itself. Such a module may already exist but I would suspect it would require an underlying permissions structure and ownership layer in core before such a module could exist, am I right with that @datakick
  8. Has much thought been given into a whole new permissions layer? Whereby products and most things.... Could have multiple different owners and the permissions system altered to have another column to allow only the owner to edit/delete etc. One for you to comment on @datakick
  9. Hi I'm trying to greatly simplify things for mobile users by trying to remove modules and things for them In Positions I can unhook modules and functions for all users How do I do this just for some device types?
  10. Yes of course...I always run the schema update.. Ive just done it again and same problem As I said it's terminal... cant create an affiliate, no workaround. Have you tried creating an affiliate in your system and found it works? Or fails?
  11. So are we waiting months before there's any fixes to any bugs at all? Seems like many bug fix requests are going unanswered. Not likely Ill be promoting TB to anyone at all unless I can be sure I can see there is actually a future for myself ... by whats being done with it. It should not take months to conclude this deal. Its hardly rocket science about whats involved with taking it over. There is a lot more rocket science involved in actually maintaining it and making sure people don't abandon it altogether.
  12. In Stats/referrer/edit if I try to add an affiliate it says as per the attached image. Its a terminal error, can't continue without it being fixed, but in all likelihood an easy fix due to a column/table name
  13. Mark

    Supply orders

    Console reports nothing wrong, with Network providing 200 status responses. However the list doesn't appear and without the list, we cant attribute a supply order to a product.
  14. Mark

    Supply orders

    Stock/Supply Orders/Edit Manage the products you want to order from the supplier This section it says "To add a product to the order, type the first letters of the product name, then select it from the drop-down list" However this doesnt seem to work in either FF or Chrome. (typing the first few letters of a product doesnt result in a list).
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