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  1. I asked this earlier in this topic of @Smile and got no response unfortunately @haylau I have spoken to the Panda makers once who said they'd like to help but a) its a big piece of work b) TB base is too small Doing this kind of work is, in all fairness, beyond the realm of volunteer work and its not surprising the guys here reluctant to help out. What I could see working possibly is this: The theme could be built as a collaboration between Panda (for example) and the guys here. We do very much need this. What we have is all we have, and it isnt enough now, let alone the future. Panda have done this before, they will probably know the best path under collaboration from people here. Smile needs to talk to Panda, he's the boss, its his baby. BOTTOM LINE: We members are going to have to pay for it, and we should have expectations around what we get. The money we pay should go to thirtybees, and Smile the owner of thirtybees, should pay Panda to get the work done with help from the guys here to keep costs down. Without this, thirtybees gets closer to to its own untimely demise.
  2. Following a rather disconcerting hack even through Cloudflare I do use Cloudflare to block just about every country I dont intend trading in to some degree now (except search engines). I also use your blackhole for bots, however they arent crawling, just accessing image url's I give them, so its probably not that. Right? I did whitelist their ip, but its probably Cloudflare, I'll raise it in that community Thanks.
  3. I'm wanting specific third party sites to upload my images for product listing purposes however they can't and neither can https://imgdownloader.com/ Is there some mechanism TB has which prevents this other sites from doing this? If so ... can it be overruled for specific IP's.?
  4. Leaving out most 3rd party modules is a totally understandable thing from a build point of view. I agree minimal is good, however it's obviously a pretty terminal thing for those modules people have or want if they aren't compatible so there needs be a clear process for assessing and handling what modules will no longer work properly/at all with the theme and what options the site owner has ... and what module developers need to do to get the module compatible.
  5. Awesome @yaniv14 are we going to get requirements for this and know what users want, then start to work out what is involved and whos going to do what? We should have a list of all users, then wants.... Then work out the doable list from that.
  6. Certainly sounds like a pretty dire need to get a quality theme going.... But from scratch @wakabayashi?? That sounds like an incredibly long hard road? Wouldnt it be easier to take an existing great theme like say Panda (that doesnt work properly with TB unfortunately), and speak to Sunnytoo (the maker of Panda). I spoke to him once before and it was just too much work for small sales to get it compatible with TB. Maybe if the talents here that have already volunteered to help could make Sunnytoo's life easier getting it compatible then it we could have something high class for TB? His code is obviously not open source (a far as I know). I am sure many here including me would pay for a decent theme (or at least components of a decent theme), it is a pretty large achilles heel with TB.
  7. I'd love to see sunnytoo get back involved. He makes Panda etc but looks like he gave up on TB? Can he be spoken with to help out @Smile with the theme.. its pretty important that front end is just as good as back end
  8. @jollyfrog @superbiche It would interesting to hear where you guys are at with doing this theme. Are you still interested or not so much anymore?
  9. Does anyone have a good understanding of what themes are currently compatible and will be compatible with the next upgrade of TB? I use Niara, Im of the belief that its about the only thing thats compatible with TB and modernish - given that sunnytoo has moved on from TB. I dont particularly like Niara, its pretty dated especially the checkout page. But I dont believe there's anything better, can someone prove me wrong?
  10. My site says its upgraded to 1.3 .... dont ask me how that happened though as I purposefully didnt do it knowing it could be hazardous... however it works fine fortunately
  11. Brilliant thanks had totally forgotten about this module since the rebuild also. Thanks @datakick
  12. You are bound to be right @datakick, but in my sendinblue account, a number of spam accounts have hard bounced... I dont know why...I just know Ive been ratelimited as a result... Is there a UI way to block contact_form emails? or will I need to make code adjustments...? By the way thanks @AndyC I did have that running before my old site was hacked, I hadnt resurrected it on the rebuilt site so thanks for the reminder.
  13. What are people using to control spam? There's two problems 1/ The incoming spam itself 2/ The mail that is sent to spammers confirming their message has been processed. In the second case, sending the spammers an email confirmation, usually to fake emails, causes hard bounces and therefore degrades credibility with 3rd party mail providers (I use sendinblue). This loss of credibility means real users mail arrives more slowly.
  14. Shouldn't updates be switched off and unavailable until the module is ready? From what @datakick was saying it could be hazardous to upgrade without the module mods
  15. I have version 1.2 ... I went to Core Updater and noticed many files ready to update presumably for 1.3. By good fortune I read this first. However I went to Modules and checked for updates, particularly for Core Updater module but it said Core Updater was up to date, which seemed odd given your comments above @datakick I'm not sure now whether to just go ahead with Core Updater, given that the module hasn't been updated... I don't want to stuff the db trying to update
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