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  1. Mark

    Supply orders

    Console reports nothing wrong, with Network providing 200 status responses. However the list doesn't appear and without the list, we cant attribute a supply order to a product.
  2. Mark

    Supply orders

    Stock/Supply Orders/Edit Manage the products you want to order from the supplier This section it says "To add a product to the order, type the first letters of the product name, then select it from the drop-down list" However this doesnt seem to work in either FF or Chrome. (typing the first few letters of a product doesnt result in a list).
  3. Mark


    Its important to keep the core free yet professionally managed still funded out of salaries/ stakeholding. Its amazing that the key devs in this have been so passionate for so long about this, with virtually no direct money or stakeholding and that one naive but nice guy who doesnt have commercial acumen has been "in charge". Funding about 3 devs + internal systems and marketing will not EVER happen out of donations or a few paying a few subs, there's so much naivety here about what doing this properly would take. Also, new/early users do NOT want to be paying $70-$150 per module, like prestashop. Early stage users want to pay a few bucks or even trial for free. Devs also want a lot more more than selling a few modules for $70 for their efforts. So how do we incentivise devs to build high quality modules that customers can't be without and that scale as their does? Monthly fees... starting low and ramping up with the site. Instead of a Dev selling a module at $70 for life on prestashop (which early customers are very reluctant to pay and big sites laugh at) what we want is good devs making $300-$1000 a year from each client who are only too happy to pay... if their site performs as a result (means high quality modules).
  4. Mark


    Still no sign of any commercial metrics about this company. Im not personally against you @lesley its just this is a company and I do not see it being run in any acceptable commercial fashion right now. A few bucks a month or year from a few users is the same as what happens now and that will not ever make this platform into anything and it will go from one near death experience to another unless people wake up and realise its about PERFORMANCE FOR SITE OWNERS. Then THEY WILL HAPPILY PAY (and should be forced to) instead of going on a free ride. Until they have decent sites, prices need to be set to nurture people into downloading helpful modules not put them off. (Unlike PS that attempts to rape its early stage customers and scare them away). Another thing I would propose is that features and moves forward are put to proper community consensus. Bugs are different, thats more of a developer choice. Presently a few decide what goes on around here and it all depends on who likes who and gets on with who blah blah, extremely undemocratic, a hardcore group of less than a dozen decide everything. The entire community should have the opportunity to be involved in features.
  5. Mark


    Lesley isn't forthcoming with any data here on financials , downloads, installs, sites, modules any metrics whatsoever. He mentioned earlier that he was up for whatever worked, but isn't providing any metrics so we see what this company is actually achieving and so we can see what can be done. I should think another lesson from this is to make a company in which there is more than one stakeholder and key contributors have a stakeholding. Its not cool to have only one person running a large scale business system like this.
  6. Mark


    It would be good to know what the facts are about that. But even if the company is rolling in money, we are seeing comments from datakick (for example) saying here that he mostly works for free as does Traumflug, apart from money to do the odd project. So if the company does have money, its not doing anything much with it.
  7. Mark


    Yes I realise this is likely to be the prevailing view for awhile and I understand exactly why and have those views also. There's lessons to be learned about the way PS went about things on the commercial side of things that can be incorporated into this but virtually everyone knows that every company has to make money to thrive. We would need to do that in a way that works for the site owner and where they will be happy to pay upon performance (unlike PS). Sites like this are far too complex to do without money and we can see what happens without it.
  8. Mark


    Does anyone know key metrics about thirty bees such as how many downloads, how many sites (and who and where) for which it's a currently a platform, which core/ non core modules are installed and the amount they are used? Part of what I'm talking about would involve an authentication and tracking system for both core and non core modules to bring company and dev revenue based on activity so things would scale to each site's power and T/O. Each module would authenticate upon back end login by the site owner and the module would disable if it wasnt authenticated or paid for. I realise many would cringe at this because it sounds money grabbing and potentially privacy invading. However I believe scaling module cost to site performance will help onboard many owners. and secure recurring revenue for devs and the company, all of which would be empassioned to see the customer succeed.
  9. Mark


    Although the TB codebase and technical knowledge is very good, the company is pretty much worthless. Its a major hazard and risk of open source development that often comes from purist views and very well intentioned plans to build a great system and codebase. Eventually, as we can see, even the best intentions and hardest of skilled work and knowledge grinds to halt without money. There's no hard business edge here, no commercial drive or visible business plan of any substance. Trying to survive off donations from passionate techs is entirely hopeless. I spoke to both lesley and datakick a few days before this happened about leadership and commercial innovation and I'm not entirely surprised to see this happen sadly. I was happy to step in on the business side of things and help fund it but decided this company was far too risky to invest in with almost no commercial or legal substance or power. I do have ideas and optimism for thirtybees though if it could find its commercial feet and work to a plan.
  10. Its great you guys do it free, I (and many others) do seriously appreciate that, I am not putting thirtybees/developers down, its some very good software youvve forked and worked hard at (for good reason), with much potential. There really isnt that much need to attack me, Ive simply wanted to undertake a task and have waited for good advice before I did it, of which there has been a lot that I have not acted on yet because each of the solutions/answers needed fleshing out.
  11. Cool although I havent even looked at this thread since I posted until now. And as youve said, there was only one correct answer. I also agreed but was not sure over table names. Your reply indicated there was no need to be concerned so my next step was to actually try it, which have not yet done. Its somewhat dangerous to presume the other guy is an idiot
  12. I can and do happily pay coders to do things on my own systems or open source projects Im involved in. I dont even involve them if its core stuff that should be done as part of that core project. I can certainly do this myself, I just had concerns around whether it would work for reasons Ive highlighted and they were just concerns. You and others have sadly been trapsing around trying to get me to pay for things that should be core and thats unfortunate @datakick maybe try a gala or something to raise money if you cant do it with this company
  13. Actually no, Ive never read the codebase for whether it has table names nor should I ever ever have to. Are you a bit desperate for cash @datakick
  14. Thanks @datakick it doesnt matter if there are no table names in the code, but I dont know if that's the situation or not. But from what you are saying there isn't so thanks for that I shall try that
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