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  1. Definitely the API based mail provider services like mailgun, sendgrid, mailjet, even gmail, rapid etc can all help greatly plus also they dont expose server ip and can manage campaigns and a lot more besides transactional email
  2. Mark

    Blog Not working

    Sorry, whats FPC @datakick?
  3. Mark

    Blog Not working

    In the Performance section the module name plus hooks for this may not be right, can anyone confirm what the correct setting for the Bees Blogs modules should be?
  4. Mark

    Blog Not working

    Im not repeating myself, the problem does not yet require under the hood attention, and so its access is not being given. In terms of honour, do what you say you are going to do, or apologise you can no longer do it. Its not about who is being paid and who is not, its about trust and doing what you say.
  5. Mark

    Blog Not working

    Good thinking @SLiCK_303, I wish that solved it because it sounded promising as a possible solution. Yes Blog Recent Posts is in my DisplayHome hook though.
  6. Mark

    Blog Not working

    The story @datakick is that at this stage no access to the backend is required. Given that I've done nothing to the codebase I'm presuming there's nothing wrong with the code and it's just something I haven't spotted yet. I don't give strangers access to any data for no reason and that's a key principle I would suggest others follow. If there's a problem with the code then it becomes a different story. I'm not talking about Skype but I am talking about screen sharing using team viewer where zen and his infinite wisdom can show me the button I am yet to press. Don't try to nail me for having expectations around what I will permit others to be able to do on the site, everyone has that total right. I don't even know who zen is, never spoke with him in a conversation as if I'll let anyone into any system like that. He offered to help then never replied when I sent a pm. That's fine, just say so man, it's not hard to say sorry I changed my mind, much better manners than ignoring.
  7. Mark

    Blog Not working

    There's times when logging in is necessary, this is not one of them. It's a case of screen sharing. Don't get all offended and respect a few things about others, including responding and doing as you say as well as data privacy.
  8. Mark

    Blog Not working

    No worries, you'll not be logging in, there's no need to. I don't give randoms any unnecessary access when not required. I don't often get the time to work on this site. It's the blog that's that not functioning, that's all Probably just a button somewhere that's escaped my attention.
  9. Mark

    Blog Not working

    Nothing heard from @zen
  10. It was cloudflare, thanks @datakick Maybe one day via an API than we can clear the cloudflare cache, and browser and server cache in one button?
  11. CONSOLE: Loading failed for the <script> with source “blob:https://product.solutions.org.nz/4d36e740-8dfb-4afe-a1f7-1ba2157fd731”. index.php:1:1 The character encoding of a framed document was not declared. The document may appear different if viewed without the document framing it. enquire.min.js The character encoding of a framed document was not declared. The document may appear different if viewed without the document framing it. admin-theme.js Network attached as HAR @datakick Edited by datakick: removed HAR file, as it contains sensitive information
  12. It's possible the connection type or speed or perhaps IP address might have something to do with this @datakick when I was on "true wifFi", an actual wiFi connection today it worked fine, with the Save function fine, this evening I'm on "Wifi" but its actually a WifI connection to a phone thats running cell data... and the Save in products does not work again, everything else is the same... apart from the connection. It doesnt work regardless of device/ browser
  13. I ran the updater about 10 minutes ago, cleared the cache, logged out. logged in. Ive been on BE probably 4-6 weeks now, because there are issues in cauterised edge I cant go back to Still the same.
  14. @Pilou PS/ TB is complex and trying to do something large, so Ive tried to cut slack, but I always get this "its your server" nonsense and there it ends, without any clue as to what this apparent issue with my server is. Things dont work when they did just days before with no server changes so I am pretty sure its an excuse to get rid of the complainant. I have a list of about 30 things that are frustrating, although there is a work around for most. However this one is terminal. Ive also put things into github that started out promisingly but never got done properly and all issues I have reported still remain.
  15. @SLiCK_303 Im running 1.1.x Bleeding Edge, as I have been for sometime, and this problem did not previously exist for me on Bleeding Edge
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