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  1. Works great, Note: In the "Add extra css to your pages" section
  2. Mark

    Presta modules

    Yep happy there's no guarantees.... Just looking for a way to ascertain quickly what the incompatibilities are. I do realise this would be quite hard to get right. Maybe Developers could test their module in the framework. Or maybe pay some nominal fee to have a tb dev test it or some other arrangement. Then there's a report and the report details any incompatibilities. The Dev can either fix them or just advise the incompatibilities exist or may exist and leave it at that. The idea of having a testing bench for modules sounds good to me with some sort of stamp of approval. Also a way of us reporting tb module incompatibilities back to the Dev so others can see about these and the Dev can advise a solution.
  3. Mark

    Presta modules

    I'm not a developer but I'd like to know what's involved in "tweaking" modules from various presta modules to work with TB and then being confident they will continue to do so. I don't know if the tweaks are minor or involve considerable time but what I can say is that on my list of concerns this rates highly. Most Devs haven't heard of or won't work with TB and so a crucial service for me is some sort of compatibility service between Presta modules and TB, before I even buy them. If there was one thing I would love for Tb to have it would be a place where I or developers could upload their code and be told immediately of the compatibility issues @datakick@
  4. Mark

    Presta modules

    Im wanting to press ahead with getting different PS modules, however I dont know how compatible these will be with TB in future as TB appears to be going off in its own direction and may not be fully compatible with PS1.6 and 1.7modules. I need to understand at what point will these 1.6/1.7 modules become incompatible with TB. Need some element of certainty and guidlines around what to do as TB and presta go off in different directions and become less compatible.
  5. @datakick Although there's no longer a fatal error when trying to register a new referral.... 1/ Its not capturing click data even though I think Ive ticked all the options correctly in the Data Mining module. (For Request URI /include Ive added "mark" but clicking a product page/ ?%mark or ?mark does not count clicks 2/ When I try to login into the affiliate tracking at modules/trackingfront/stats.php , Authentication fails.
  6. I tried and it worked. But then I used a third party module that adds Features and I was unable to add features that I has selected in the Product Features menu as being "Multi". They were there to be selected, but I couldn't add them
  7. Thanks @SLiCK_303 I'd been using 1.2
  8. Mark

    TB Project Plan

    Sorry... Ive only just logged in here now. OK so, this is an important first thing "any other user" .... Does this mean the public, users or clients of our sites, merchants, third party devs, admin etc. And how will they authenticate as being as such, or do we not get that fancy and we dont authenticate at this point? If we are gonna authenticate we will need something in core that will authenticate them and enable the submission. Or do we just ask them the question-- do we just ask them upon registering who they are and we just take that as accepted.
  9. I havent seen any Core Updates in a very long time @datakick are you sure Core Updater working ok?
  10. Mark

    TB Project Plan

    @datakick Ok I will try to be of some use here and try to take up minimal time of yours doing so, investigating and perhaps implementing with maybe others who are also involved in the decision and project management process. That's if you would like me try and do so. Key part of this would be sorting out the process for reporting ideas, bugs and feature requests to go through one process by multiple types of users (website users, staff, owners, tb, tb community each with their own permissions, process ) and in place. Another key part would be knowing how's it's already done and then collating all the existing info into a new process. Perhaps let me... or whoever else you want to do this... to know any other requirements as to how you want this done.
  11. Mark

    TB Project Plan

    @datakick I get why its important to not make all plans publically available, but site owners are trying to manage their businesses and part of that is what TB plans are. Im sure I'm not the only one planning things that are a bit dependant on TB capabilities and functions. Also its good to see where people's ideas and feature requests are at in the pipeline. (Bugs not so much thats more of a github level thing). Most companies provide some visibility over project planning to at least some of their interested users. Businesses being told nothing about what's coming up tend to lose interest over the uncertainty... as they can do if they have no input and can see where the ideas and feature requests slot in (or not) into the overall program. Maybe consider giving slightly wider access to the project plan. its not secret squirrel where decisions can made behind closed doors by just you (surely?). Is it a democracy or Datakick's autocracy?
  12. Mark

    TB Project Plan

    Where can we see a medium to high level project plan of whats planned plus ideas and suggestions to a medium to high level of whats going on with thirtybees? (Not github)- I mean a project plan with dates and deliverables to a medium to high level.
  13. On my other site on Niara the price and the reference updated when a different combination item was selected and also I could scroll through a product's pic. Its probably just a setting but right now I cant find it... Price doesnt change between combinations, reference doesnt update and the prod pics dont scroll. Anyone know the magic button? The two prices above should be different, as they were on my old site.
  14. Markus's site interestingly says "The currently most asked question is: how can I upgrade to Merchant’s Edition? Well, currently one can’t. And that’s going to change before too long. Core Updater is an excellent tool for upgrading between thirty bees releases, it’ll be extended to allow also upgrading to Merchant’s Edition." I presume this means that by Thirty Bees allowing Merchants Edition to become an option in Core Updater, that Markus is still contributing code to the whole concept of TB/ ME and not just ME. Am I right?
  15. Mark

    Hacker attack

    Correct I don't think it has anything to do with PHP or any thirtybees file at this stage. Back door access seems to have come through a file called home/waso.php, which I believe is a wordpress file. They changed permissions and altered and added some other files Inc php.ini and htaccess I'll remove this post shortly @datakick as I've subsequently discovered it's not related to thirtybees.
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