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  1. When altering the php7.4 php-fpm presets for use with TB 1.3 and 1.4 are there any particular recomendations, beyond the general requirements? So far based on the logs 5 children is inadequate and had to raise that to 500 but according to the hosting company the server is using a PHP handler LSPl so changing the settings does nothing. Currently the server we are using is a dual Xeon Silver 4208 (3.2GHz) with 64 GB DDR4 ram and 2 TB SSD.
  2. The he/she means the core folder not the module. Jointsystems.org is up and running again now in 1.3. The 1.4 installation has been running well, so far, what are the main adavantages?
  3. You are correct, deleted cache/class_index.php and now jointsystem.org works. As far as "What does this mean?" I only deleted the core folder only and copied the core from the working 1.3. When that resulted in the TB installation not working I restored the original 1.2 core folder and the store is still down.
  4. Tried that and it still no core updater in preferences. There is another store at jointsystems.org/shop which had no problem upgrading to 1.4 (apparently had the bleeding edge selected in the module) as well as jointsystem.org (singular) and jointsystem.org/shop both to 1.3. I then got the brilliant idea to delete the current 1.2 core in jointsystems.org and copy the 1.3 core from jointsystem.org. The 1.2 core went into the trash been but was not erased. Not surprisingly after copying the core to jointsystems.org it no longer worked at all. I renamed the core core13 and restored the original 1.2 core but it still didn't work. What was a surprise (perhaps not to you two, is jointsystem.org no longer worked though no files had been modified after the upgrade. Currently the error log for Jointsystems.org reads [22-Oct-2021 10:28:55 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'extends' (T_EXTENDS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) in /home/chandler/public_html/jointsystems.org/classes/PrestaShopAutoload.php(274) : eval()'d code on line 1 The error log for Jointsystem.org is: [22-Oct-2021 10:47:32 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Interface 'Core_Foundation_Database_EntityInterface' not found in /home/chandler/public_html/jointsystem.org/classes/ObjectModel.php on line 37 Line 37 though looks the same as other installations that work? abstract class ObjectModelCore implements Core_Foundation_Database_EntityInterface
  5. We have one website jointsystems.org where the core updater is missing frrom prefrences? The core updater module 1.43 is in Modules and is configured.
  6. We tried using Duplicate Urls in version 1.2 and it took down our whole server as soon as we clicked, we were expecting a menu.
  7. We have one store that will not save product edits. Have rebuilt the whole DB twice. Run ccheck in fix in TB cleaner and optimize twice, still won't save. The store will save customers and orders as well as emails.
  8. We received a number of fraudulent orders and was trying to locate the ip addresses of the incoming emails. Is there a log or somewhere where the properties are stored?
  9. Toplakd may have indeed been correct but I fixed it by rewriting the .htaccess before having a chance to read his reply. Thank you for responding!
  10. Updated three shops to 1.2 and now getting an index error at sign in on all three. The index displays fine when you open it but as soon as you click on sign in it loses its format.
  11. The TB recaptcha works on most of our 31 TB stores but have had a real problem with the others. What happens is the recaptcha box does not show up to check on the index page. When the customer attempts to create an account or even sign into an existing account he gets an error message that the recaptcha is incorrect. Tried resetting the app, uninstalling and reinstalling, neither worked. We then deleted the module folder from the store that did not work and then copied the module folder from the site that was working, changed the keys to the right domain and still didn't work. Took Oliiix's advice and installed eicaptcha 4.17 which is the last upgrade for prestashop versions below 1.7. So far it has worked on all the problem sites. Good Stuff Oliix:)
  12. We are using the default theme in Thirty Bees. In the theme configuartor it give you the option of deleting an image or editing it. Theeimgages in the configuator are numbered On jointsystems.com we deleted some images in the configuator thinking the image below would move up, it didn't leaving us with a hole and the number of the image remained the same.
  13. On some shops we are still using the default theme carried over from Prestashop as that is the only choice that appears under themes. When we installed TB 1.2 and the new theme configurator it disconnected all the images on the index page. When we reconfigured the index page we deleted some images expecting the numbers and the positions of the remaining images to change and move over, they didn't, instead we are left with holes on the index page. Though you can change the image, the title there doesn't appear to be a way to change the number in the upper left hand corner? If you add a new image it comes in at the bottom and there doesn't seem to be a way to renumber it and use it to fill in the gap. We are using version 1.2 and updated the theme configurator to the recent latest version.
  14. We need to move more than 100 categories to a new root category and there doesn't appear to be a bulk action selection to do that, only enable and disable? The only method we could find is the mass edit tool in MyPHPAdmin. The same thing with products. We ended up with some 100 products in the home directory amd had to move them. Since there is no move function that we could find we tried using phpmyadmin to move the products from home to the other directory but had no effect. The only way we could find was to edit the association in each product one by one, or copy the section in the products and create a new csv with nothing but the id, name and correct category then import to move them to the correct category, which took about 5 min.
  15. When trying to configure the reCAPTHA module we are getting the error invalid key type privacy on some sites but not others with the identical configuration all TB 1.1 stable versions. The directions were followed but are not good to go? We have tried resetting the module, uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting and recreating the account to get new keys, nothing works. Solution: I changed the nonworking sites to version 2 of Recaptha and they all worked. Performance and clear the cache. Make sure that both "Disable non PrestaShop modules" and "Disable all overrides" are set to NO. You are good to go!
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