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  1. The most usable thing on small mobile devices icon based popup/slide menus. This is not that hard to integrate. But it's way harder to make the rest of the site prepared for the mobile view. That's because a lot of modules are available and changing them would take a lot of time. I spent countless hours adjusting my theme, which would not work for 99,9% of the other shop instalations, as I use few front office modules (11) and only adjusted what i needed. So I do appreciate all the work that has been done on Niara theme, but for making it totaly mobile friendly Tommat should start some donation campaign. Installed module.
  2. It's so, that none of the stock themes are mobile friendly. Even on small tablets the good experience stops. And the same thing is present at the complete checkout process. That's why I heavily modified the original Community theme to better suit my needs as currently over 80% of my sales are done through mobile phones. I'm using slideout/dropdown menus to access most of the things on mobile devices and configured it for at least 360px width. can be viewed here: shop.alza-racing.com Something like that could be added as option to the existing themes. I've also modified 5 step checkout into 3 step, as using OnePageCheckout brings out shipping issues if used together with AEUC module. So 1st step is cart, 2nd step is login/shipping and 3rd step is review and order confirmation. This all together brings needed scrolling on mobiles down to the minimum.
  3. The bigger efferct of that will most likely be, that shipping 1-10$ gadgets from China won't be free anymore, or 1$. As currently delivering China gadgest is the biggest loss to all Natianal mail carriers everywhere on the world. As per agreement, i will deliver yours for free and you will deliver mine for free. I send you 1 airplane yearly, you ship 1000 back to me 😞 Like here, we have no import taxes up to 22€ in my country and no processing fee. Over that range tax applies and about 6€ processing fee. So people order China packages on daily basis just to be under 22€ limit. But that will soon change, as post will start charging arround 6-7€ processing fee for every single package that is comming from outside European Union. So ordering 10 small packages with low value products and free shipping will soon going to be expensive, as fee could be bigger than value of the order 🙂
  4. You could try Geolocation to see if it works for you. As it works on Country and City basis, so I assumo postal codes could work. But never tried it, as I only need Country for me to display Tax Exc./Incl prices for unlogged customers.
  5. Basicaly everything can be repositioned or changed if you know how to edit and style the template and css files. So if you want something unique, than its time to start reading about css styling and template editing. Good starting point would be: https://www.w3schools.com/css/ I'm stil using Default Community theme in my shop, but have modified it so it fits my needs and made it mobile friendy, as 90% of my customers make their orders through mobile devices. shop.alza-racing.com is where I run thirtybees for 18 months now, after migration from Prestashop which I was runing for full 7 years.
  6. With PS Paypal module, my landing page loads with 9 requests and 293kb of data. With installed Thirtybees Paypal module, there are 14 requests and 507kb of data.
  7. Prestashop 1.6 3.11.4 Paypal module does not make any requests to paypal domains if not needed, but the Native Thirtybees 5.4.2 Paypal Module does make 5 additional requests to paypal domains on each page, and loads about 215kb additional data. Im using Prestashop Paypal on Thirtybees for 18 months now. Currently on 1.0.8
  8. I'm using PS Paypal Module 3.11.4 and I was always able to make full refound directly from the store backend by clicking on "Refound total transaction". Was able to do that when I was on PS and now on Thirtybees. And after refound, the order status is automaticly changed to "Refounded"
  9. Yes. The file above is already converted. I'm using it to display Tax incl/excl based on country for non logged customers worldwide and is working without problems.
  10. No need to use outdated database from archives, as there is tool on GitHub for converting new Maxmind Geolite2 Free databases to the old Legacy format. (also posted in old geolocation thread) I'm using such converted database for about 5 months now without any problems, but this post has remind me to update it. Tool on GitHub: https://github.com/sherpya/geolite2legacy And GeoLiteCity.dat database conversion from Geolite2 Free dated with June 4th 2019 GeoLiteCity.dat.tar.gz
  11. toplakd

    carrier errors

    Same happened to me a while ago. Got the same error. Was unable to solve it, so I deleted the carrier and created new one with same settings which worked ok. (TB 1.0.8 migrated from PS)
  12. All the mentioned above is the only reason i ditched the Idea of using OPC and AEUC and I'm using 3 page checkout (modified it from 5 page).
  13. At last checkout page changing address should be disabled, as carrier is already set on the previous page. Same is with changing quantity on last checkout page. Should be disabled for same reason, as if enabled one can get free shipping once getting over the carriers range, as shipping goes to 0 if overweight and one can still place the order. So on my last checkout page one can not change the address, or change the quantity, but it can delete the products from the cart. The main problem is, that the advanced templates are not up to the date as they are not well maintained and tested.
  14. It seems Panda theme is missing some code in the advanced-payment template. As its working well for me with my default community theme (colorized 🙂 )
  15. toplakd

    Font Size

    to @AndyC and all others that want to change the looks of their shop, but don't have the knowlege there are 3 options: 1. Buy the template that suits your needs. 2. Hire someone to do the styling (of default or bought theme if it needs adjustments. 3. Take some time, patience and coffe and learn how to do it by yourself. Option 1 is the cheapest regarding $$ as premade templates are sold to many people not just one. Option 2 is mosty costs x-times more $$ than the premade template as it's mostly for single shop. Option 3 is where it's hard to put the value on. As it takes a lot of time patience and coffe, but in the end you are satisfied as you did something on your own. So if you decided to go with option 3: 1. Learn how the inspection tools work in modern browsers and disable Smart Cache for CSS in shop settings. 2. Learn about how the templates are working 3. Learn some basics of css styling If its not working after that, repeat the steps from 1-3. Happy styling. 🙂
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