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  1. toplakd

    Changing FONT Colours

    Go to: Administration / Employees Click on Employee or click EDIT Now on the bottom you can change dashboard Theme for current employee and admin menu orientation. You can provide own fonts and not using the connection to outside servers for font. Adding fonts to css with @font-face https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_font-face_rule.asp
  2. toplakd

    How To Configure Top Menu

    Go into Modules & Services, search for Block Top Menu and click configure. Than play little with it to see how the things are added and displayed in the menu.
  3. toplakd

    [Free Theme] Niara - Thirty Bees theme

    You can check the module .tpl files if that particular word is written in plain text. As text's only appear for translation if they are wrapped in correct code: {l s='Proceed to checkout'}
  4. toplakd


    Will do that once I finish my own community template conversion for my shop.
  5. toplakd

    OPC Tabs for Login/New Account

    Slowly getting to finish. Community-theme-default, with some adjustments. This is how my work in progress product page looks on iphone 6/7/8 Home button 1st, 2nd button is for categories and search, Cart button is cart, and big guy button opens login/language/cms pages
  6. toplakd

    Module psonesixmigrator 2.0.0

    I would suggest small update to this module for unexperienced users. TB stock theme uses srcset for images to provide 3 different dimensions - **_default, **_smaller and **_smallest However those 3 sets are not added automaticly to list for regenerating and some browsers show no image if there is no image generated with tag **_smaller or **_smallest. So this could be either automaticly added or maybe aditional visible notice that one should add them manualy and regenerate images.
  7. We all hate when page loads and it jumps when loading images, as space for image is not reserved. So I did some research and found nice and easy working solution that makes just that. Preserve the space for the image, no matter if static size or responsive. Credits to: https://aspiringwebdev.com/stop-your-web-pages-from-jumping-around-while-images-load/ <style> .image-container { position: relative; /* ratio of image height to width W:200px, H:80px*/ /* example H/W*100 - 80/200*100=40% */ padding-bottom: 40%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; } .image-container img { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; } </style> <div class="image-container"> <img src="image.jpg"/> </div>
  8. toplakd


    For same reason (advanced payment shipping issue) i'm not using native OPC checkout. But have therefore shrinked default 5 steps into 3 steps checkout. 1st step - page cart summary. 2nd step login which reloads to 2nd step address &carrier 3rd step payment with cartsummary and no quantity change option to disable issues with Advanced payment and over range carrier issue. Only small override is needed for OrderController.php (so that address page reads the carrier) and change of order-steps.tpl
  9. toplakd

    GitUpdater preview

    If module was deleted directly from folder and not deleted through Modules section, than this are leftovers in database as datakick said. Such future would be nice - that check database for modules that are "installed only in DB" but not available in modules folder as someone has deleted them manualy. That would also solve the issue when migrating, where there are leftovers from prestashop modules which were not installed.
  10. This could be some other error, as i'm not experiencing such issues neither on 1.6 ps Theme in live shop or community-default on current testing work in progress. But I do think that those error messages should not have white-space: nowrap; setting as on mobile devices the message field becomes scrollable 🙂
  11. toplakd

    Updating PS 1.6 - SQL Error

    This error is related to back office "Advanced Parameters / Email" and therefore the "Email subject template field" is left blank, so after migration you have to add {subject} {shop_name} into that field and save it. 
  12. toplakd

    OPC Tabs for Login/New Account

    It all depends how theme was modified regarding the baselines from standard theme. I know that on my own theme, nothing installs perfectly as I went way out of regular path. Some screens of my mobile view of modded community theme. Stil work in progress, so not yet in live shop. That's Galaxy S5 360x640px view. Navigation Header is fixed and takes 55px of visible area, so buttons are always in reach of the finger. And Fancybox V3 is used for the pictures view as it alows finger sliding.
  13. toplakd

    OPC Tabs for Login/New Account

    Problem is only with advanced payment once carrier is out of range. Once carrier is out of range, there is no shipping price but payment buttons work and one can proceed with order confirmation without any shipping. One can not unload payment method or payment button and load it back once shipping range is within limits, as when reloading the event is lost on payment method and payment button. So once event is lost, payment cant be selected and payment button does not work. One can unload tos checkbox as its not connected to event. Hiding with css is possible, but this is not secure way to disable order payment process if carrier is out of range. As said, this issue is only with advanced payment methods (AEUC).
  14. toplakd

    OPC Tabs for Login/New Account

    Have left the work on OPC due to advanced payment issues on OPC. So decided I will stay with 5 step checkout and minimize it to aka 3 step, so I'm working on this now. Cart summary on payment page does not have option to change quantity, as this brings out issue with carrier over range and advanced payment, which resoults with 0 shipping price if carrier is over range and payment can be completed without charged shipping.
  15. toplakd

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    and less time spent administrating the orders as everything runs so smooth and fast in back office.