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  1. You can always copy your store to different domain as a backup store with it's own copy of database and test the updates there. This is something I always make when there are large changes in the core. Everything tested on spare subdomain, registration, ordering, order followup etc. And if everything works without issues, than I apply the update on live store.
  2. I'm always running the latest bleeding edge on my Live shop and I don't have any issues with it. Latest bleeding edge (main branch - 1.3) is basically TB 1.2 with all the fixes and addons that will represent future 1.3 Version. And it's running stable and strong 🙂
  3. As Datakick and Kashir said: Go to "Advanced Parameters / Performance" and set as on picture: I'm always using Bleeding edge ever since this option was introduced in Core Updater and don't have any issues. I mostly update within couple of hours after I notice there was update on github. Currently running "Bleeding Edge - Main"
  4. Main branch is the most latest bleeding edge one can install through core updater. Once installed, its identified as 1.3.0-main
  5. 1. Modified /classes/Address.php so it converts user entered data into uppercase - every first letter of the word Uppercase and rest of the word in lowercase like in bottom sample. $this->firstname = ucwords(strtolower($this->firstname)); 2. Modified /controller/Contactcontroller.php so it does not send copy of email to customer when sending us a message through contact form. 3. Modified /controller/OrderController.php so it allows me to use 3 page checkout where address and carrier selection are on same page. 4. Modified extended carrier options which I understand it will soon become part of the core
  6. Quick & Dirty 1. Just copy your theme folder into /themes 2. Rename the currently used theme folder to something different. (and remember the folder name) 3. Rename your theme folder to the name of the folder that you have remembered at point 2.
  7. toplakd

    TB Project Plan

    I really looking forward to see what TB-6 will bring 💪
  8. Well, it might be my OCD maybe 😂 🤣
  9. Pushing up old thread. Is there a way to make override for this, so after editing the current carrier would be updated and preserving same ID.
  10. It applies only to orders which have been placed after the carrier was created/modified.
  11. Thank you very much for very informative explanation.
  12. I've noticed one weird thing. Carrier - "Prices include tax" set to NO EU Advanced "Proportionate tax" enabled 2 products in cart - one with set tax rate (22% for me) and one set with NO TAX, than shipping costs are making weird changes when increasing / decreasing quantity in cart
  13. Is it possible that this happens due to friendly urls and rewriting? As Bingbot always first makes GET /en/36-category?p=2 and exactly 10 seconds later for same category GET /en/36-category?p=2?p=2 This is only happening to those categories which have more than 2 pages. Some categories on my site have 1, some 2 and some 3 pages of products.
  14. I tested my shop many times, clicking everywhere possible to reproduce the error as this error is showing up for some time now. Than today I realized I could check the server logs looking for the timestamp of the error, and than I saw this p=2?p=2 requests which are only requested from bing everyday 🙂 Its happening on random categories which have multiple pages and bing.com tries to access them. Based from info on server logs, such requests are only made from bing and only happen when bingbot starts crawling the site 🙂
  15. Everyday i get few errors in FrontController.php on line 593, 596 and 597. So I did some research in logs and I found out that bingbot is trying to access some weird page numbers First it gets "/en/15-category?p=2" which is ok but than few seconds after it tries to access "/en/15-category?p=2?p=2" and this is where the errors are showing up. A non well formed numeric value encountered in /classes/controller/FrontController.php on line 593, 596 and 597 How to prevent bingbot to request p=2?p=2 which creates the error in the logs?
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