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  1. toplakd

    MaxMind Geo DB Converted

    Yes. The file above is already converted. I'm using it to display Tax incl/excl based on country for non logged customers worldwide and is working without problems.
  2. toplakd

    MaxMind Geo DB Converted

    No need to use outdated database from archives, as there is tool on GitHub for converting new Maxmind Geolite2 Free databases to the old Legacy format. (also posted in old geolocation thread) I'm using such converted database for about 5 months now without any problems, but this post has remind me to update it. Tool on GitHub: https://github.com/sherpya/geolite2legacy And GeoLiteCity.dat database conversion from Geolite2 Free dated with June 4th 2019 GeoLiteCity.dat.tar.gz
  3. toplakd

    carrier errors

    Same happened to me a while ago. Got the same error. Was unable to solve it, so I deleted the carrier and created new one with same settings which worked ok. (TB 1.0.8 migrated from PS)
  4. All the mentioned above is the only reason i ditched the Idea of using OPC and AEUC and I'm using 3 page checkout (modified it from 5 page).
  5. At last checkout page changing address should be disabled, as carrier is already set on the previous page. Same is with changing quantity on last checkout page. Should be disabled for same reason, as if enabled one can get free shipping once getting over the carriers range, as shipping goes to 0 if overweight and one can still place the order. So on my last checkout page one can not change the address, or change the quantity, but it can delete the products from the cart. The main problem is, that the advanced templates are not up to the date as they are not well maintained and tested.
  6. It seems Panda theme is missing some code in the advanced-payment template. As its working well for me with my default community theme (colorized 🙂 )
  7. toplakd

    Font Size

    to @AndyC and all others that want to change the looks of their shop, but don't have the knowlege there are 3 options: 1. Buy the template that suits your needs. 2. Hire someone to do the styling (of default or bought theme if it needs adjustments. 3. Take some time, patience and coffe and learn how to do it by yourself. Option 1 is the cheapest regarding $$ as premade templates are sold to many people not just one. Option 2 is mosty costs x-times more $$ than the premade template as it's mostly for single shop. Option 3 is where it's hard to put the value on. As it takes a lot of time patience and coffe, but in the end you are satisfied as you did something on your own. So if you decided to go with option 3: 1. Learn how the inspection tools work in modern browsers and disable Smart Cache for CSS in shop settings. 2. Learn about how the templates are working 3. Learn some basics of css styling If its not working after that, repeat the steps from 1-3. Happy styling. 🙂
  8. toplakd

    Editing Theme

    I strongly suggest to do some reading about css/template editing before you start. Good start is here: https://www.w3schools.com/css/ 2. For finding where the things are (in which css file/line) you can use Inspection tools (most browsers have them). 3. Yes, edit the cms template. 4. In maintenance template 5. You can use translations in back office for that, where you replace every "manufacturers" word with your desired word. Editing complete template is not as easy as it seems if there is not enough knowledge in the background. So suggestion is to learn a lot and spend a lot of time, or buy some commercialy available theme. It all depends on what are you looking for.
  9. body { width: 100vw; margin: 0; overflow-x: hidden; } To remove flickering: Advanced Parameters / Performance: CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache) - Move JavaScript to the end - Set to yes
  10. You can add following to the body in global.css width: 100vw;
  11. toplakd

    Changing Colors in Default Theme

  12. toplakd

    Purpose of Image in Bees Blog Post?

    Have you at least tried to create a test post and tried to add the image? It's purpose is to add the main image to the post, if you have selected it and clicked on the "Add file" button.
  13. Yes, it could be. I don't have this issue on fresh installed tb, but i have it on migrated PS to TB 🙂
  14. Virgin TB 1.0.8 with core updater to 1.0-X: Can add as many products as I wish, and the button is always there. Same with discount button. Virgin TB 1.0.8 installed just now. Buttons are always there, no matter how many products are added or how many different discounts I add, buttons remain available. @Chandra If you wish to test it yourself, than contact me through PM and I'll give you access to my tb install.
  15. toplakd

    Changes to ".tpl" files not working

    Mostly problem is not in thirty bees, but on another side of computer screen.