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  1. Mobile experience is not good on any of thirty bees default theme. For good mobile view a lot of things have to be changed. Mostly css styling for different media widths ... Once done it can look similar to this picture
  2. Have updated very first post of this thread with most recent files and description.
  3. After you uploaded the OrderController.php into /overrides/Controller/Front you have to delete /cache/class_index.php
  4. Yes. This is possible to change, copy this into order-steps.tpl <style> .nav-justified > .not-completed, .active > a { cursor: default; pointer-events: none; } </style> That way on Active step and on Not-Completed steps, the pointer stays default, and no empty javascript link is shown.
  5. You can manually edit generated .htaccess and change AddType application/font-woff .woff AddType application/font-woff2 .woff2 to AddType font/woff .woff AddType font/woff2 .woff2
  6. When you get 500 error, you can download the encypted message. Once downloaded go to: Advanced tab / Logs Scroll to bottom. Add file that you downloaded from error 500 page and click Decrypt.
  7. Try to go through Database schema fixes in Core uptater second tab, Check overrides and install datakick consistency checks to see if everything is in place and ok.
  8. toplakd

    Checkout Test

    And what problems do you have with Paypal, as I sell 99% through it and 1% through bankwire?
  9. It should say: AddType font/woff .woff AddType font/woff2 .woff2 https://github.com/fontello/fontello/wiki/How-to-setup-server-to-serve-fonts However, i just tried and deleted my .htaccess on stock tb instalation and generated one through Preferences/Seo & URLs/Generate .htaccess file Generated file does indeed have AddType application/font-woff .woff AddType application/font-woff2 .woff2
  10. I think modificatons were made on 1.0.7 template, so some things could have changed in last versions. Most important are the override files, rest is than playing with templates and css. Maybe i will find some time to check the files for latest version of community theme and niara.
  11. There is nothing wrong with tb. Read datakick posts once again, about correct mime types. Your server is sending wrong mime for fonts and they are therefore not displayed.
  12. Removing Line 1325 in AdminTranslationsController.php solves this issue with emptying other fieldsets that start with same name like address... $_POST['theme'] or $_POST['lang'] or $_POST['type'] Only thing is, that one can not save empty string if that line is removed.
  13. I found out something interesting when saving frontoffice translations for community/niara on V1.1 and Latest bleeding edge (totally fresh install). When saving Address section, Addresses section above gets empty after saving. Same with order-address-multishipping - order-address-multishipping-products gets empy. If I make save on authenthication all other sections that begin with authenthication- get empty. I have tested with default englich language and made "upgraded language" before each test. On 1.0.8 where we still needed max_input_vars, there is no such issue (tested)
  14. Because of this: This is the main source of the problem. There are lot of infos on google regarding not loading fonts/js/css due to wrong mime types.
  15. toplakd

    Checkout Test

    Advanced tab / Logs Scroll to bottom. Add file that Janiv attached and click Decrypt.
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