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  1. Will test it once I'm back home. Currently relaxing in CH 🙂
  2. There is no Shipping step, as its part of Address step, so disabled showing steps under carrier, as carrier template is called from address template.
  3. Relax is my middle name 😀 As long as the good work continues I think we all be well served.
  4. Have you played with groups and authorized modules?
  5. As far es I tested it (latest 1.1.x) everything works, except some warnings about curly braces and stuff here and there. + some non tb modules (PS Paypal) throw out some other php warnings as module is not 100% 7.4 ready. Yes, I'm still using PS Paypal, as I don't like that TB Paypal calls outer scripts/sites on every single page 😢 Other than that, it just works. Orders get accepted, payments are going through etc... But decided to stay on 7.3 for a while.
  6. For running 7.4, it's recommended to be on 1.1.x Bleeding edge version.
  7. toplakd


    1.1.x Bleeding edge is the way to go, as its way more updated.
  8. I think 7.3 is the way to go at this time. 7.4 works with some warnings but I decided to stay on 7.3 for a while.
  9. Do you have prices with and without taxes depending on country? If you are using tax incl/tax excl for different countries than prices for non logged are shown from default country setting. Using geolocation module helps showing right prices (tax incl/excl) for non logged customers independent from default country setting.
  10. https://store.getdatakick.com/en/modules/login-as-customer
  11. Had same thing, I know I modified it manually in database, but forgot what exactly I modified 😞 p.s.: I think I compared the page_cache table to virgin TB install and modified it manually.
  12. Something similar that I had. I think I had about 38 pages 🙂 clicked them twice. Once on backup shop, than tested for 2 days, than applied everything on live shop 🙂 But my database started as PS 1.3.8 back in January 2011
  13. Make backup of the complete shop to subdomain and test updating on backup. Than if everything works you are good to go.
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