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  1. 1.Create free account. 2.Login to Account summary 3.Click on Download Databases 4.Download GeoLite2-City 5.Unpack and rename to: db.mmdb 6.Upload to /tools/geoip And you have succesfully updated the database manualy.
  2. High five to everyone that is contributing to thirty bees. I needed little longer to migrate to it, but once the Migrator was brought to it's flawles working state (i belive arround 1.0.7 or 1.0.8) the migration was as easy as it gets. After initial testing on my spare shop instalation, my live shop was now updated to latest bleeding edge.
  3. toplakd

    New Theme

    I've never had troubles with PS, started with 1.3.8 and upgraded in steps to last 1.6 version. Than at some point thirtybees migration module has started working flawlesly and I migrated to thirty bees about a year ago. Everything runs as before, without any problems, just the speed of shop is better, back office mostly. But I don't use tons of modules, only 24 modules installed (with AEUC and Geolocation)
  4. I updated to Bleeding edge at last week of November, and is running without any problems.
  5. I modified 5 page checkout into 3 page checkout, Cart-summary + login/address/shipping-selection + cart-summary/payment-selection. It works flawlessy this way for a while now. When you are optimizing the page for mobile view, you have to decide if you want more scrolling or 1-2 more steps to click. I decided not to use OPC due to more needed scrolling and went with 3 steps instead.
  6. I ship mostly overseas, and shipping time is so bad during christmass season, that i rather close. Closing does not affect my sales, as those who want my stuff will wait and buy it in January 🙂
  7. Yes that's true. I upgraded to Bleeding edge so I can use new TB Geolocation module, as in Stable 1.1 the old Geolocation does not work anymore, and TB Geolocation module is also not supported without a fix. As I use very few modules (25) the chances for something not working are smaller than on shop fully loaded with modules. I always make upgrade on my backup domain so I can make all the tests that are needed for ordering/contacting/paypal/bankwire in front office, and all the tests managing orders/products in backoffice. If no errors show up during test, only than I perform upgrade on live shop. If something fails during my testing, than I wait for next relase/revision and do the testing steps again. Before the upgrade I also make backup of files and databases. Just in case. I closed my shop yesterday and will reopen it on January 1st when Christmas fever is over 🙂
  8. Patience is your best friend. New version will come when they think it's good enough to be relased. I was running 1.0.8 for a long time, and now I'm running 1.1.x on live shop for about 3 weeks without any issues.
  9. I tested this "database schema" function on exact copy of my shop which is latest bleeding edge. After applying all fixes (38pages of them) tested many things and everything is working fine. What would be nice if there was a button "apply all" 🙂 I will do some more testing, and if nothing shows up, i will apply the fixes to main shop during closing time in holidays. 99% of fixes were has data type int(10) unsigned instead of int(11) unsigned should use character set utf8mb4/utf8mb4_unicode_ci instead of utf8/utf8_general_ci Thank you.
  10. Better mobile view should be made, and it should not have as much scrolling as current mobile view 🙂 Since I optimized the site for better mobile view, i get over 80% of orders from mobile devices (paypals information)
  11. Some changes should be made to Thirty bees paypal module, as I already mentioned in some other posts, that TB's paypal is loading on every page and delaying page load. I use PS paypal module on my TB instalation. With PS Paypal module, my landing page loads with 9 requests and 293kb of data. With installed Thirtybees Paypal module, there are 14 requests and 507kb of data.
  12. The most usable thing on small mobile devices icon based popup/slide menus. This is not that hard to integrate. But it's way harder to make the rest of the site prepared for the mobile view. That's because a lot of modules are available and changing them would take a lot of time. I spent countless hours adjusting my theme, which would not work for 99,9% of the other shop instalations, as I use few front office modules (11) and only adjusted what i needed. So I do appreciate all the work that has been done on Niara theme, but for making it totaly mobile friendly Tommat should start some donation campaign. Installed module.
  13. It's so, that none of the stock themes are mobile friendly. Even on small tablets the good experience stops. And the same thing is present at the complete checkout process. That's why I heavily modified the original Community theme to better suit my needs as currently over 80% of my sales are done through mobile phones. I'm using slideout/dropdown menus to access most of the things on mobile devices and configured it for at least 360px width. can be viewed here: shop.alza-racing.com Something like that could be added as option to the existing themes. I've also modified 5 step checkout into 3 step, as using OnePageCheckout brings out shipping issues if used together with AEUC module. So 1st step is cart, 2nd step is login/shipping and 3rd step is review and order confirmation. This all together brings needed scrolling on mobiles down to the minimum.
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