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  1. This is not correct solution for the problem, but removing the one at least don't empty other fields once saving. For correct solution someone like @datakick or @Traumflug should take a look to see what can be done.
  2. As @datakick said, that is not in core. It never was, and I'm using PS (now TB) from Start of 2011. This is so called "customer bug" and can not be fixed.
  3. Bleeding edge 1.1.x is the newest version and it includes most recent bugfixes.
  4. toplakd

    Taxable Items

  5. Sorry, I don't know how full page cache works, so cant help you there. You can also check group access for enabled modules.
  6. homeslider-wrapper hidden-xs class hidden-xs is not displayed for max-width: 767px
  7. Yes, disable all the cache wherever possible and you will live happily ever after 😎
  8. Testing use stock thumbnail slider for showing pictures on product page, without additional thumbnails at the bottom, with swipe on mobile.
  9. Changes are made in new global.css file, lines 31-32 fix that issue, and nowrap is added by the end of the file https://github.com/toplakd/thirtybees-modifications/blob/master/community-theme-modded/themes/community-theme-modded/css/global.css
  10. Mentioned things were not yet touched, but will be soon. Store information is normally in the footer, and the one on slideout menu is there for showcase and one can alter that menu template to own liking and needs, as , header menu is currently only visible on devices with screen width of max 767px
  11. There is a bug in AdminTranslationsController.php which showed up after new version was introduced which does not need max_input_vars. But, the one who rewrote the controller did not test it enough before putting it into official version. You can either replace the controller with version from 1.0.8 or temporary modify the current one so existing translations don't get deleted. Not able to save empty string means you are not able to save blank field.
  12. Click on edit and add new status name 🙂
  13. If hook is set to Left Column Blocks, it should work right out of the box. However, it will show up only on the pages, for which left column is set to enabled
  14. Update https://github.com/toplakd/thirtybees-modifications 3 files were modified so one can now choose between normal home button and sidebar home button. header-mobile-menu.tpl /css/global.css /css/autoload/header-mobile-menu.css
  15. Now there will 2 choices for Home button. One will act as button for going home, other will open sidebar with following modules: blockLink, blockstore and blockcontactinfos. Will upload the changes soon
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