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  1. Bodegadelibros

    TB and PHP 7.1

    Good Day everyone. i have a question is it TB 1.0.7 compatible with PHP 7.2 ? well i decided to use php 7.1 thinking that it would be better ( coming from 5.6) i made the upgrade (php only) and front store looks good however backstore it is bad. the main page works. however some of the tabs from the backstore are not working, for example the performance tab. and it renders a white page along with error 500. any ideas how to solve it or what can i do to help you guys to help me?
  2. Bodegadelibros

    Getting Qnty from my Physicals Stores.

    @dosbiner where you have set up this pick up in store? Right now i have as a test, just two warehouses, "a" and "b" for "product Z" now product Z i have set up Qnty as follow for warehouse "A" -> 2 for warehouse "B" -> 1 and i also have two carriers, ( which match the store Carrier "A" and Carrier "B") but if i the client use carrier "a" ( remember Carrier a, should only take from warehouse A) the client can take 3 products, even tho i dont want to. .... Is that pick in Store a module? or something? havent noticed before
  3. Bodegadelibros

    Getting Qnty from my Physicals Stores.

    Hi guys! i have a problem. Right now im running 10 physical stores and im trying to implement Ecommerce into the mix, using two channels I need a way to feed from our physical stores into the Webpage, so costumers cannot order something that is unavaible. it shouldnt be a "import CSV" line, since inventory change a lot. i was thinking use two ways to sell online 1) pickup in store and 2) Sell and Send but so far only the pick in store is my main issue our problem is that i need a way to feed from the physical stores into the Web and display values for each store. a working example would be this site: http://www.gandhi.com.mx/libros/los-mas-vendidos/cuentos-de-buenas-noches-para-ni-as-rebeldes-1 (if you are not proficient in spanish here is the way to understand what we need and replicate go to said url. look for Apártalo y Recógelo Its a purple btn centered in the screen. it should pop up a small window centered now in this list should be a bit long, and it contain a list of places where you can get said product. if you click on any of the list a small btn would appear in the far right corner saying apartar click on it, after that the window will change a bit into a form, containing common fields, like name, phone etc. below that should be a field called "Cantidad" which mean qnty , now the final product should check against the DB of our physical stores to make sure the client is not asking for more product that we have on store. and also should contain a recaptch btn.) after the client have fill the form it should update into your system ( we have MYSQL as DB) this is the part that im less wory since our physical store got a system that can set aside products for costumers that would come back using a special table. if you guys have questions hit me
  4. Bodegadelibros

    how to add supplier_reference to the product.tpl and product-list.tpl

    sadly its not working here is an example of my code: {$product->supplier_name}
  5. hi guys im trying to add the supplier_reference to the product page and product list. however its not working i have been trying to use {$product->supplier_reference} but no luck.. any tips on how to make this work?
  6. Bodegadelibros

    How to add new Fields to Contact form on TB?

    is it possible to add new field to contact form on tb? this used to work a long time ago. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/134877-solved-tutorial-custom-contact-page-forms/ tho it was PS: 1.4.ish i think this could be improved from Prestashop an add field to contact form. *wink* Telephone anyone? */wink*
  7. Bodegadelibros

    got hacked and dont know what to do.

    hi guys. i got this problem, few days ago my site got hacked, more in detail, ransomware ( thankfully i don't use my site for e-commerce, rather as a virtual catalog) now i DID have a backup, sadly i had PS on it, and i tried to restore it however it just doesn't work, i think it's because some tables, on MySql. what to do, any advice? should i give up and start all over again?
  8. Bodegadelibros

    Warehouse Theme Working

    @Bodegadelibros Nevermind, solved and i should slap myself to the moon and beyond.
  9. Bodegadelibros

    Warehouse Theme Working

    @mdekker said in [Warehouse Theme Working](/post/4511): > e im having problem with warehouse. what can i do? So far theme is just a blank page, with my logo.