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  1. i would assume that too.. because the modules that have vulnerabilities are not remove during migration to TB.. however, the vulnerability with PHPunit can also be attributed to lower version.. this vulnerability has been fixed in the new releases of phpunit, i read.
  2. YOu are not along in this and certainly not wrong.. I too hate ads especially youtube ads..
  3. I run a few facebook ads, and I have the same results as you.. we didn't convert well enough to merit the expenses.. but some really did well with it..
  4. recently, I read a report.. that social media marketing along with content marketing and search engine tops all venues for effective marketing strategy.. maybe the kind of product /niche influences how the different marketing avenues respond.. as you mentioned re: "...glamour, clothes, so on"...
  5. Good morning TB friends!! I know we are living in a social media driven ecommerce world! And the power that social media holds on the decision making and buying acumen of the Millenials is just staggering. I am just curious to know how much realty do you put into social media?
  6. Nice one.. it is just about right. US gets to set their own rates so they can compete with China, IMO this deal is fair.. I am not clear though about other nation.. am going to read more into this.
  7. yes.. we use similar line in our old tb and ps websites..per client request.. shame, that code should have been included in the core of ps 1.6 and tb 1.0.x .. 🙂 anyway, tb 1.1.x now uses layernavi, which I believe is an excellent move by tb for 1.1.x.. overall, the code is still useful for websites that uses ps 1.6 and tb 1.0.x
  8. Agree.. thank you sharing.. and like @SLiCK_303 said.. you could do a pull request on TB..
  9. I love this forum.. people are really helpful!! I was in ps forum last week and was really engaging with people there, and the next thing I know, I was banned.. I think I mentioned thirtybees something.. lol
  10. Thanks mate.. just what I was looking for.. 🙂
  11. The one for ps 1.6 does work with TB..
  12. On the other hand, looking at this from a neutral view, it does makes sense that the US would back out from UPU agreement.. for one thing, China's industrialization was non-existent when this agreement was signed.. but as it stands, the US move was radical, to say the least. The one who will take the big hit for this are the biggest shippers of cheap goods from outside US.
  13. Wow.. no shipping fee for that amount? Lucky for you.. well, i guess it all will even out.. I have to get more reading on this.. thanks @dynambee
  14. Oh, sorry I had Linux server in mind.. and obviously the ps 1.5 versions were in a php 5.x .. what I was meaning to say is that, we upgraded ps 1.5 sites to tb 1.1 with minimal problem.. and obviously the server has to be switch to php7 too..
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