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  1. shoptechmedia

    thirty bees 1.1.0 is released!

    Great.. and this community is really helping our group even by just reading the comments.
  2. shoptechmedia

    A cautionary tale - Be a good scout and "be prepared"

    I have had same experience with paypal freezing my account and asking for documentations and proof on their website that crashes everytime i do it.. anyway, i have heard sometime ago that it usually freezes an account whenever your PayPal balance reaches certain thresholds, perhaps that is one of the reason your account is frozen, $10k i think was it. Mine was a little lower than that.
  3. shoptechmedia

    Paypal module doesn't work

    right.. sometimes other modules that really messes up with each other.. i often disable similar modules when debugging.. good job.
  4. Hello everyone..