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  1. Hi I use Panda for ThirtyBees and I can confirm that the product hover effect works in ThirtyBees. Whether it's now a default thirtybees feature is another story. However, seeing that you're already using Panda, it will probably not be too much of a mission to migrate your site to ThirtyBees. Also, Panda has been patched several times for ThirtyBees, so grabbing the latest version of Panda, plus applying the patch in the directory is advised.
  2. Hi So did you try the module from Myprestamodules? And how is it for you?
  3. Hi I'm looking for an excellent Product Import module, that does the following Import from either CSV/XML, Upload, Google Sheets or XML/CSV live URL from Warehouse/Supplier Imports full product attributes, like: Combinations, Features, Manufacturer, Shipping weight/dimensions, everything Hopefully imports all the above in one import, without having to feed different CSV files for attributes, etc Cronjob compatible Is reliable, proven and stable Can be PS 1.6 but TB compatible module Is not StoreManager (too expensive) Is not DataKick Import (sadly no CSV support 😞 ) Has a reasonable price I've been looking but haven't found anything suitable so far. If you guys have any suggestions, that'd be seriously helpful. Thanks
  4. Hi and welcome to ThirtyBees! You can reach out to @Smile
  5. All you need is GoogleShopping Flux and it's free, TB compatible and very good https://github.com/dim00z/gshoppingflux
  6. What I'm suggesting is the mechanism should maybe monitor the 500 errors / log files and fix automatically instead of having to scan the whole module directory. All this is in the context of these errors being fixed automatically.
  7. Or what about a mechanism that monitors the 500 errors? And fixes it as it comes up, file by file, error by error. It can display a message that it's performing a compatibility upgrade and that it may be a step by step process. That way it's less intensive and it's more targeted with less risk of time out. @datakick
  8. Maybe even more insane but can you intercept the module and run it on some sort of compatibility layer at all?
  9. Though I agree it's caused by PHP 8, this is actually a TB 1.4 problem and they appear know it. Or at least they're aware of the seriousness of this in terms of module support. To the point of @datakickmentioning that they're working on a mechanism to 'fix' it on 3rd party modules automatically. Even though that task would be complex and hard. The point is that there are very few module developers and theme developers still supporting TB and that number is dropping daily. If this was Presta, with devs supporting it, then different story, sure. But with hardly any 3rd party module devs willing to support TB, stuff like this could lead to a demise of TB or at best push it into even more of a niche system, that becomes less and less attractive for new users to adopt and existing users to keep it around. Leading inevitably, and unfortunately, to its eventual end 😞
  10. Hi there I've seen with a Google shopping feed export (using gflux) , the shop description is "powered by ThirtyBees". Where do I change the shop description in TB? Although I know where to change the shop name, address etc. I haven't found where to change the description...
  11. TB 1.4 breaks modules that play with that class causing them to error out. I've had 2 modules break already. If people just update to 1.4, they could encounter problems. Also, right now I'm running 1.4 (for the benefit of running latest + security patches) on PHP 7.2, but will be running on PHP 7.4 when the site goes Live. Running on PHP 7.4 isn't the issue, TB 1.4 is... well technically PHP 8 is the issue, but I'm sure you get what I'm saying 😉 Maybe TB 1.4 can have a flag to support Attribute instead of ProductAttribute - for those who want to run 1.4 but aren't running PHP 8.0 currently? Perhaps this could help in the meantime while a potentially better solution is being worked on?
  12. Hi @datakick Thought I'd let you know: I encountered another 3rd party module with the Attribute / ProductAttribute issue (CSV Import Products by GloBo). All was working fine in 1.3 until I tried to do a product attribute update in 1.4 edge with the module and then it threw an error. The log file revealed that it was the Attribute/ProductAttribute issue, and the module worked again after I followed your fix instructions. The thing is that most people will think that their 1.3 site upgraded to 1.4 is running fine (mine appeared fine). Until they try to use their 3rd party modules to do something fancy, like updating product combinations/attributes. I'm not sure what the plan is regarding releasing 1.4, but I know that unless it includes the Mechanism that you mentioned that scans and updates affected 3rd party modules, then people will run into issues with 1.4 sooner or later. For those encountering an error with "Attribute Class not found", you can follow DataKick's fix instructions here:
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