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  1. Block Layered Navigation was the missing module.
  2. Actually the line I was looking for is on line 74 in the linked file. Just found it. Cheers for your answer.
  3. Isn't this how the flow of a forum works? Especially in a technical help topic, upvote the correct answer? I am not downvoting as an "offense", just trying to use the forum system as intended in order to maintain clean topics.
  4. After setting up the chat plugin on facebook, it was time to copy/paste their code right after the opening of the <body> tag. I went into Niara folder, opened Header.tpl and I pasted their code right after the opening of the body tag. Refreshed the browsers and here we are, error 500, website crashed. Why? Edit: Fixed the crash, forgot to use {literal} tags around javascript, although even so the chat does not show up on homepage.
  5. Doesn't make any changes. Not even hard coding anything in there impacts the values. As I stated before above, already tried to edit them to no avail.
  6. I'll have to get myself a local default installation so I can have a way of knowing where things should be or not for whenever I do changes late at night.
  7. Thank you so much, that's exactly what I've been looking for.
  8. Niara, not using any external modules. Where's the PDF template you're talking of? In the pdf folder located into the theme folder? If so, which one because after looking through all of them, none seemed to have any impact on the invoice pdf. I edited all of them and none did any change.
  9. Thing is that I did had specific functions like filter by "tags" and other options on the left side by default. After tweaking with modules it disappeared, I tried to hook the "tags" module on the left column and it did not work, probably due to the reason that you specified.
  10. For some reason a module is missing on my page as it can be seen above. I have no idea how it vanished, of course probably did something but I can't figure out what. I have been tweaking around with my modules so I might have disabled it by accident, although I can not remember doing so. Anybody knows the name of the module that usually exists on the left side of the product list? Thank you.
  11. Here is the issue: That "e" is written in a different span for some reason. As you can see, it's "Cantitat" and then an "e", where can I edit this to get it fixed? Also I would like to hardwrite my "tax rate" which is "Rata taxa" in this case, in which file should I look into? Cheers.
  12. It truly is a shame and indeed if TB would do this, it would make things so much easier for developers. Well, at least now that I know this, when I'll start developing themes for TB, I'll include sets of functions too, hopefully we will see something like this in the next TB version, a folder with lots of specific calls like this one that we just used. Oh man, you saved me so much time with you reply. Thank you.
  13. Mhmm, is that function predefined in JS anywhere? Gonna give it a try right now. YES, YES IT WORKED, YOU DID IT. ❤️ Where can I find some documentation with more functions like that?
  14. I am using attributes as I do not really care about the stock/inventory. It didn't make much sense to me either as count wasn't mainly my idea but to one of my friends who is working with prestashop, basically we use count to determine the incrementation/decrementation of the list. But if you read the code, it's really easy to figure it out, if count increment -> the selected option in the list is equal to count, eg: count is 2, the second option in the list is selected. Although no matter what you still need a "count" to "save" latest position. Although I have tried to run it without count and I had the exact same results. I will come back with the results in regards to this. Thank you. Good to know.
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