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  1. Hi @datakick, Giving this module a test, but it throws an error during install: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :"address"/Tar.php: Cannot use result of built-in function in write context. Do you know what's causing this by any chance? I'm running TB 1.0.7, PHP 7.2, default PS 1.6 theme Edit: Might be something with our store. Hang on 😃 All the best
  2. It's not really complicated upgrading TB. You just go to "Core Updater" in the BO, chose whatever version you want to upgrade/downgrade to and hit the action button. Its pretty solid made! We switched from PS to TB, and it's running flawless. The people behind TB are extremely competent and skilled. Everything always work and regarding documentation and issue management, you can always use prestashop forums as well.
  3. Upgraded all modules and store from a 1.0.4 installation to a 1.0.8, and it all went seamless! Thank you for all the great work you guys do! Finally it seems like we don't have to prepare for the worst when upgrading! Switching to thirty bees has been nothing but a joyride for us. Thanx a lot!
  4. @Traumflug: I did not play around with it for too long, as I aborted the testing when (luckily) a new customer contacted us through FB telling us he could not create an account / log into our main store. I can provide you with the info I got though, if you can make something out of it. We installed a new shop in a subfolder a while back with a new database for this store, as we're able to have several databases on our hosting plan. Seemed to work fine, until we were settting up payment solutions (paypal and stripe). To give these a test, we tried making an account, but nothing happened on the login pages. No Error, no nothing. Just didn't take you to the "your page"-site. This happened on Chrome and Firefox. (If I'm not mistaken I believe my partner managed to log in using Vivaldi and Edge....) Thinking it might be a SSL-issue with security within the browsers, I thought I could try turning on SSL in BO, which seemed to be a solution, as we both now managed to log in using Chrome and FF. Believing this issue now was solved we called it a day. Early next moring this customer had messaged us through our FB- page telling us he could not create/log in in our main store. Knowing that this most likely was related to the subdomain store, I logegd in and turned off the SSL in the subdomain store, and told him to try again, and now it worked, thirty bees version: 1.0.7 (Upgraded from PS 1.4 through PS 1.6 to tb 1.0.3) PHP version 7.1.26 MySQL version 10.1.30-MariaDB-1~xenial MySQL engine InnoDB MySQL driver DbPDO
  5. Yea that is of course a solution. I was just curious if anyone else had experience with this issue and uf there was a solution to it
  6. This was the plan, yes. F.ex domain.com/band
  7. Basically we're going into a larger collaboration with a band, and to make it tidy we want to use a standalone shop for this part.
  8. Played around with a second store in a subfolder on our domain, and when we enabled SSL in the subfolder store, customers had trouble making an account/logging in on the default root store. At least everything worked when I turned off the SSL in the subfolder store. Anyone else noticed this behaviour?
  9. If the solution @lesley provided don't work, you can give the free PayPal module from PrestaShop a go. We had the same issues as you, but it did not happen with the PS version.
  10. How much, @pedalman? Concidering a OPC myself you see ?
  11. What payment gateway are you using @DavidP ? Ok for others to know if they're concidering buying an OPC-module :)
  12. Mkai...so it looks like it was a php 7.2 issue. Downgraded and now everything seems to be working. (I know tb is not quite ready for 7.2 yet, but I'm pretty certain we ran under 7.2 during the 0.3 era though...) But to the others facing strange issues: CHECK YOUR PHP VERSION BEFORE GOING HAYWIRE ON YOUR SHOP =)
  13. Ah! Great to hear @Traumflug . Still got the issue with the modules, though. How do I solve this?
  14. @lesley : The passwd cloumn is set to varchar 60, so I guess this one is OK then? @Traumflug : Maybe a stupid question, but how do I run the upgrade again when the updater settings says I'm running the latest version, and nothing happens when I select "Stable" from the dropdown option? (I know that we can do rollback and do it over again, but I'm not quite sure if this is what you ment?) I'm not even sure if the module issue is related to the upgrade? Every module I have tried installing throws this error.
  15. Ah! Thank you for the information @Traumflug ! Appreciate it. Will have a go at it and tell you how it went. All the best
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