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  1. perfecto!...thank!!! @hedgehog that's definitely enough memory. So the culprit must be somewhere else. Could you please try to modify this line in classes/Tools.php and change it to look like this: 'verify' => _PS_TOOL_DIR_.'cacert.pem',
  2. Hello team First of all it has been great to learn and know thirty bees.It is far superior than the competitors..so for that Thanks! Second .. i need your help please. When i am importing the *.csv file the window with the information of the status of the load it get stuck with "linking accessories". The problem is that i dont have that column in the csv file. When i cancel or stop the proccess i can see that the product were correctly loaded. There is a way i can avoid or skip the linking accesories? So i can load the data without error? Thanks for your help! Regards Francisco
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