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  1. @SLiCK303 I've found a small bug that you may want to fix in the next release: If you deselect all customer groups and save, the module settings page will throw a 500 internal server error and the only way to restore functionality is to manually edit the SENDREVWREQUESTGROUP field in the database. By the way: Is there a reason that you have disabled the possibility to select Guest customer group in the settings? I re-enabled the guest group in the code since most of my customers don't register with an account, and the module seems to be working fine with guest users as well.
  2. @SLiCK_303 Ok. How about modification of the email-template? Is it possible to create a modified version of the template without having the modifications overwritten on module update?
  3. Great module! Thank you very much doing this for the community! One question though: I would like to modify the email-template, but don't want it to get overridden each time I update the module. Is that possible at the moment? Also, I would suggest that the text "Next process will send: X e-mail(s)" on the settings page automatically updates as soon as you change a setting. Right now the text is confusing, as it doesn't reflect your settings until you save the page.
  4. A link to set your own password would definitely be a nice feature, but one should be aware that this solution is only slightly safer compared to the current solution. If a user's e-mail account is hacked, the hacker will still be able to access the user's webshop account by simply requesting a new password in the store and then clicking the reset-password-link sent to the user. As long as the shop doesn't store credit card information, I would say that a reset-password-link solution would be sufficient, but for shops that allow logged in users to complete purchases with a saved credit card, another layer of security (e.g. security questions) could be necessary.
  5. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but as far as I can see, there is still a big unresolved issue here. In the guesttocustomer.html email template the password tag has been replaced with asterisks (******), so how does the new user get his password? In the password.html email template the {passwd} tag is still there, giving the user the ability to see his password, but at the same time it poses a potential security risk. I think a solution to this issue should be of high priority.
  6. Ahh... Thank you so much for the clarification. As the module is already compatible with PS1.7 (which also uses the specificPrice class), all I had to to do in order to fix the module, was to change line 646 in modules/vouchers/lib/voucherengine/engine.php from if (parent::psversion()== 7) to if (parent::psversion() > 5) It now works flawlessly with Thirty Bees :slight_smile:
  7. Hi, I've installed MyPresta's Voucher generator module, but get an exception when I try to mass generate vouchers through the module. The exception starts with the following: Class 'Discount' not found at line 652 in file modules/vouchers/lib/voucherengine/engine.php After examining the classes folder, I can see that the Discount class found in Prestashop 1.6, has been removed from Thirty Bees. Does anyone know the reason behind this (I guess a lot of 3rd party modules rely on this class) or what it will take to modify my module in order to get it to work in Thirty Bees?
  8. Thank you both for your input. After some more fiddling around I finally got it to work. Not a 100% sure what made the difference however :D
  9. I still haven't found a way to solve this. Anyone?
  10. Sounds great with an updated version of the module! I've added the email notifications as a feature request on github.
  11. In the product comments module you have the ability to activate validation of all reviews. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to get an e-mail notification when a new review is awaiting approval. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue?
  12. Hi guys, I am trying to change the background color on cropped/resized images from white to light grey. I have changed line 229 in /modules/mdimagemagick/override/classes/ImageManager.php from "$srcImage->setImageBackgroundColor('white');" to "$srcImage->setImageBackgroundColor('#eeeeee');", but images are still created with a white background. What am I missing? Why isn't it working? Best regards, Mathias
  13. My problem with the loading time isn't related to the saving of products. Saving a product only takes a second or two. The incredibly slow loading times happen when I open an existing product or click the "new product" button. After some further investigation I have isolated the problem to the database. If I switch to a database backup from another TB installation, the loading times are back to normal.
  14. Every performance enhancing feature is turned off and I've flushed my browser cache more times than I can count. I've also tried disabling 3rd party modules and used the TB Cleaner module to remove all product data. That didn't help either...
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