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  1. Your testing methodology is abit off. 1) If you notice the test you did of TB on Byte Check there is a redirect in the test you did, always make sure you test with the right URL since a redirect can add extra time to most tests, but for me the TTFB of http://front.thirtybees.com/ is about 200-400ms 2) The way you testet PS is off by a lot, when you test there site you have to remember they use a landing page, where the demo store is loaded in a iframe, this is not countet in to the TTFB, if you go in to the source code and find the iframe, and get the link from there, the results are very different, with the iframe approach the result is 200-300ms – but without the iframe and direct link it hits 400-500ms, so it’s about 200ms slower then TB. And pagespeed insight is just flaky as hell, a lot of things can be at play here, server location is normally the issue when it says reduce the server reply time, since PageSpeed Insight runs off servers in USA, and I am not sure if PS might use some sort of gateway that sends you to a version of their test site closer to USA when you test with insight. And again testing sites against each other with different world locations is unfair in general, since some sites will have better scores ex in EU, some will have better in US and so on, the latency has to be taken in to account. The most important metric is how long it takes before your user can see content and start using the site. And again theste demo sites never use modules, or have a ton of products, so they will show very different metric compared to a more real world example, the reason i dont mention magento, is that the cost of getting a fully working magento site for production is about 6-8 times higer then Prestashop.
  2. Might be something minor just like the Webservice issue that was fixed the other day.
  3. bzndk

    Reduction by payment

    Just send you a chat message, i dont wanna post links to modules out side of TB on the forum :)
  4. We are currently looking at using Mollie, even tho we are based in Denmark, the Dutch company Mollie seems to make a lot of sence using. But ye some comapnys dont want to wait 7 days between payments, here in Denmark it's the standart that there is payout's once a week, we will stick with that if we use Mollie since it would not make sence to change it Danish banks takes ex 2,5 Euro pr bank transfer from outside of Denmark, so keeping it once a week is the best option for us i think. Like i said in most cases all the payment modules that works in PS works in TB, there can be minor issues ofc there can, since there are code changes. Is you problem with SagePay purly CSS based do you got an idea about that ? Making a list like the one you would like requires that everyone using TB, add's what module they use and if it works and so on, since team TB can't test them all rly.
  5. hmm in the elastic search module is the query missing there something sounds like it in my mind.
  6. Hmm since you payed for the module for all 3 stores, you should be fine if you still use the module on the same domains i dont think you do anything illigal. Haha ye most modules developed by PS is shit sadly :( What is the reason you use SagePay? Cant figure out there pricing structure, they got a forced amount monthly but card fees is not mentioned any where.
  7. Here i Denmark there is actually 10-15 shops on TB so fare but they use Facebook groups insted, so that might be why. Hmm the issue is when it's under a license and you payed for the module there is not a whole lot any one can do ofc you can get modification on the module, but the module cant be shared. But is it PS own module or the one created by Presto Changeo you use ?
  8. But there is way more with active TB stores then 3-4 ppl :)
  9. @DavidP have you testet out the PS SagePay on TB? in most cases PS modules will work right out of the box on TB. Stuff like Mollie, QuickPay, Epay, and so on actually works straight out of the box with out a single modification.
  10. Hmm revert back to the settings before you change, i think it's better to proxy it via nginx since Elastic Search can be a bit of a PITA.
  11. bzndk

    Webservice error

    Im glad that we figured it out! Bith fixes, the initial issue and the issue with Sendcloud is added to the TB Git repo. Make sure to add both changes if you got issues with webservices. https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/436/files https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/437/files
  12. bzndk

    Webservice error

    Baarseen i am wondering if there system generates the 500 error insted of your server, since they might check for and not But what you need is to ask them to tell you what api call they do when it replys with a 500 error, with out that information it's impossible to look in to.
  13. bzndk

    Webservice error

    It's quite funny 10 min before your post i just send a note to Michael about i thought the issue could be in getWsProductOptionValues and then you posted after that, and yep true enough it was the issue, going to check out TB git and PS git to see if the mistake is made other places.
  14. bzndk

    Webservice error

    Yep confirmed that is the issue, i get the response that i should now.
  15. bzndk

    Webservice error

    im actually digging thrue thos parts right now to and i think it's about the same i have found so fare that might be the issue hehe, ill test it out in a bit just going thrue last parts to be sure i have not missed any thing.
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