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  1. My Sendcloud module suddenly stops working on all my thirtybees shops.

    When executing the webservice i get this:

    <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink">
    <![CDATA[ 3 ]]>
     count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable (/home/xxxx/domains/xxxxx.xx/public_html/classes/webservice/WebserviceRequest.php, line 927)
    Is there something changed in thirtybees webservice? It happens on all my TB shops, even the fresh installs of 1.08
    Line 927 and 928 says this:
            if (count(static::$shopIDs)) {
                return true;

  2. @haylau said in Think we will have to leave Thirty Bees - No Avanced Seach 4 compatability:

    @wakabayashi said in Think we will have to leave Thirty Bees - No Avanced Seach 4 compatability:


    As certain as I can be, yes. We have the exact same module configuration on PS1.6 and it works fine. Tb is practically a clean installation so not really anything else to get in the way. The module devs confirmed and did not offer to help

    Did you ask for help? When i have an issue i dont even mention i use tb when its on a tb shop, i just declare the problem and give the credentials to check the problem. I never have had a refusal for my questions. I can imagine the developer can say: ok we will fix it but it will cost you some money.

    For what its worth: i also use this module and it works fine on thirtybees(is in dev status) but as i see you also use the features as a filter. Thats what i am not doing at the moment.

  3. when you have several attributes its the best way to make the attributes with the generator otherwise its possible you miss some combinations.

    I always do this this way, and when some combinations are not possible i delete those manually

  4. its confusing a bit, but at the other hand more developers like @Traumflug etc. continue the project. I dont think a project like this is in the hands of 1 person. Its what we all do together. All hve a nice evening.

  5. i have 2 shops on thirtybees at the moment, and i use the updated prestashop module from mollie. It works for me as it should. No problems at all! I even use their order api for Klarna payments. This works also as it should.

  6. Ik heb hem niet uitgetest real time, maar hij kan gewoon geinstalleerd worden en alles is invulbaar. Kan me haast niet voorstellen dat het niet werkt. Afterpay en Schattorie zullen er voor zover ik weet alles aan doen om het werkend te krijgen. Je kan uiteraard Schattorie een mailtje sturen. Dan weet je het zeker.

  7. I think @Traumflug mentioned this because he normally does it this way. This module is working a bit different: You setup a clean install, migrate the data into the fresh install, set up everything to see everything works correct and then move back. Its a quick, safe and easy way. Normally its not nescesary to first migrate the old shop. Just migrate the data into the fresh install.

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