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  1. Nevermind. I figured it out. I had to transplant the Community Theme module into the header position. Now it shows up.
  2. I just wanted to add this to here.... I've been getting by dealing with this using the eMagicOne store manager. It's the only way I could keep my head around inventory. I've tried the bleeding edge and the stable version with the same inventory mix up result. I just updated to 1.3.0 and now my inventory miraculously is fine. It's showing the proper quantities in both the store AND in the back office. We'll see how long this lasts.
  3. Thank you guys. I do keep a backup of modified files with commented notes on what I did so I'll just keep doing that.
  4. I want to show a couple lines of the short description in the category view. I've been trying to get this working but I just can't figure it out/how to get it to work with the Niara theme. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/657731-display-product-short-description-on-product-listing-page-with-ps17/ OK. I think I figured it out. I did change a core file though. Can someone point me in the right direction to make an override or any other method that will keep the change after a update?
  5. No, I haven't tried Prestools yet. I'll give it a try and see what happens. I get the same results with Prestools as I do with Store Manager. Entering the quantities in these two tools/apps results in proper quantities showing in the store and in the database. The quantities are shown flipped in the TB backoffice. It looks to me there is something wrong with TB as external database editors are working fine and showing the quantities correctly in them but not in the TB back office.
  6. I'm sorry. I don't know how else to put things. I'm trying to explain things the best I can. If you have suggestions in terms of what I should be calling things, let me know. What do you call it when you create a product in TB and it writes/adds/sends/etc. info into the database. I'm not a tech guy in this industry so I guess I don't know the proper terminology. Kind of why I put quotes on it. Can you not see the problem from the pictures though? Regardless of what I call things? I think it should be pretty obvious the stock quantities are wrong. I guess I'll just purchase Store Manager so I can at least get the quantities to show up correctly in the store. Kind of would have been nice to fix it and not spend hundreds of dollars to just be able to enter stock quantities.
  7. It's hard to explain clearly. Say I create a product with two combinations. We'll call these combinations Combo 1 with a quantity of 1 and Combo 2 with a quantity of 2. If I create this product using the TB back office Combo 1 shows up in the store with a quantity of 2 and Combo 2 shows up in the store with a quantity of 1. I can correct the quantities in the storefront by swapping the quantities. Combo 1 to quantity 2 and Combo 2 to quantity 1. This makes it show up correctly in the storefront. So I have to swap the quantities in the back office to make the show up correctly in the storefront. I have Store Manager right now and if I use SM to update or change the quantities...Say I change Combo 1 to 100 and Combo 2 to 200 using store manager, the quantities in the store front end show correctly. Combo 1 is 100 and Combo 2 is 200. So entering the correct quantities for the correct combination using Store Manager actually shows the correct quantities in the storefront BUT it does "write" the quantities in the TB back office as Combo 1 having 200 and Combo 2 having a quantity of 100. This gets more complicated when a product has, say, 4 combinations. I did try and explain all this with pictures in my previous posts. See pics below: Test Product - Value 1 with a quantity of 1 shows up in the storefront with a quantity of 4. Each quantity is shifted down and the last quantity is moved to the top. So with the quantities as shown in the pictures below... Value 1 has a quantity of 4 in the storefront Value 2 has a quantity of 1 in the storefront Value 3 has a quantity of 2 in the storefront Value 4 has a quantity of 3 in the storefront My theory is there is something in TB not writing things properly to the database. I think Store Manager is linked directly to the database and makes changes directly to it and it's writing things correctly to the database. If I use Store Manager to set the quantities Value 1 - quantity 1 Value 2 - quantity 2 Value 3 - quantity 3 Value 4 - quantity 4 The quantities show up correct in the store front. When I go into the TB back office and look at this products quantities it shows: Value 1 - quantity 4 Value 2 - quantity 1 Value 3 - quantity 2 Value 4 - quantity 3 So Store Manager seems to be writing the correct quantities to the database.
  8. Found this in Community Theme Configure module and it still isn't showing up
  9. I wasn't sure if the tags tables meant anything. I just posted any differences that had to do with product 163 that I could find. The tb_product_shop has the missing 404 when the two combination quantities are changed using the TB back office. It's there when I use Store Manager to alter the quantities. The alter table thing is suspicious to me but I really don't 100% understand what it is/does. I don't know what you mean by " It looks like more is happening than you tell." I'm trying to explain everything and show everything related to this product that has changed between the two database comparisons. I don't know what else to tell you. It happens on both a fresh install with demo products and my live store. "That "wrong/swapped" is a kind of fuzzy language that doesn't help." Sorry. I can't think of better terminology. I'm literally changing/swapping the stock quantity from 1 to 5 and 5 to 1 of product 163 for the database comparisons. The quantities are showing "wrong/swapped" (quantity 5 is showing for 100K attribute and quantity 1 is showing for 500K attribute. It should be the other way around as shown here ) in the TB back office stock quantity fields. If you have better, clearer terminology, let me know and I'll gladly use it.
  10. That Alter table thing kind of stood out to me and I didn't remember it in the first compare so I went back and looked to see if I missed it. This first image is changing the stock in the backoffice which leads to the wrong quantities showing up in the store. This next image is when I change the stock in Store Manager which leads to the correct quantities showing up in the store. Both ways still do show the quantities in the backoffice wrong/swapped but for some reason changing them in Store Manager makes them show up in the store correctly. I'm kind of leaning towards this isn't a database issue and maybe a issue with the the backoffice and creating the combinations. I have one thing left to try and that's to create a new product with combinations in Store Manager to see how it shows up in the store and in the TB back office.
  11. So now I did this: - now do the same when changing a quantity in Store Manager There were a lot less differences this time. I'm not sure what to make of that. So in the tables below...The left side is Database B (the TB back office stock changed database) while on the right is Database A (where I swapped the stock back using Store Manager) Dumping data for table tb_product Dumping data for table tb_stock_available
  12. Starting to compare databases. I'm going to post what I find here in two replies to keep it separate. So this is what this is as suggested: " - Export a shop database. - change a quantity in the backoffice - export the database again - compare the two exports" I'm sticking with changing the same product https://griffineffects.com/parts/potentiometers-trimmers/16mm-long-leg-solid-shaft since there are only two combinations to keep it simple. This product has a ID of 163. These first differences are with changes from Database A (This is the database I started with for this comparison with 163 quantity in Store Manager which shows correct in front end but quantity is swapped in TB back office) to Database B (I swapped the quantities in the TB back office). Database A (Original store manager database that shows correct in store but mixed in TB back office) is on the left of the pics. Database B (Swapped 1 and 5 quantities for product 163 in TB back office which shows stock mixed up in store) is on the right in the pics Dumping data file for table tb_log Dumping data for table tb_product_shop Dumping date for table tb_product Dumping data for table tb_product_tag Dumping data for table tb_product_tag Dumping data for table tb_stock_available Dumping data for table tb_tag Dumping data or table tb_tag
  13. So I should pick one that is actually here in the U.S. and not one that just has servers here?
  14. Now looking at the database for this product: https://griffineffects.com/parts/potentiometers-trimmers/16mm-long-leg-solid-shaft This product has 2 combinations. 100K Log (A) which has a quantity of 1 and 500K Log (A) which has a quantity of 5. This is correct on the front office/store thanks to Store Manager but they are showing swapped still in the stores backoffice. The database table under tb_products for this product a quantity of 8. Shouldn't it show 6? I'm thinking maybe this column is showing the original combination quantity I entered when creating the product because I entered 1 and 7 as quantity originally. I'm not seeing any column in tb_product_shop that is referencing any stock quantities but I'm comparing the columns with the two products that have the correct quantities shown in the front end to see if there are any differences and there aren't that I see. I honestly don't really know what I'm look at/for in tb_stock_available or really what most of the numbers mean. I found rows (shown below) with a product id of 163 (which is the product id of the product linked above). I don't know how to tell if the 1 and 5 are mixed up here or not. Also, all the product have that row with 0 id_product_attribute and the quantity column which seems to show a total quantity. Is this correct that it's supposed to be like this? id_stock_available id_product id_product_attribute id_shop id_shop_group quantity depends_on_stock out_of_stock 3567 162 0 1 0 90 0 1 3570 162 3408 1 0 25 0 1 3572 162 3410 1 0 25 0 1 3573 162 3411 1 0 16 0 1 3575 162 3413 1 0 24 0 1 3577 163 0 1 0 6 0 2 3584 163 3421 1 0 1 0 2 3585 163 3422 1 0 5 0 2
  15. Ok. So I adjusted the quantities/stock of another product that had a few more combinations using Store Manager and it worked again so Store Manager is entering my stock correctly and making it show up in the store correctly but it still shows up in the store back office as mixed up. I attached pics of this other product which has 4 combinations. 100K W value is actually 16! So I just have to figure out why things are off when combinations are generated in the back office. Oooooh! I'm going to try and create a new product with combinations in Store Manager to see what happens!
  16. Thanks for the tips and I'll look into all this. I am just so confused where the actual problem is now. The Store Manager app/program seems to connect only directly to the database and make changes there and this actually makes my stock quantities correct so I was leaning towards it not being a database problem and more of a back office problem. The thing that's throwing me is with Store Manager, quantities are correct on it and in the store/front end now but they are still showing mixed up in the back office. This leads me to think something is wrong in the back office and not the database but I'll check the database a little more to see what's going on there. Edit: Oh, and it's not that 1799 is not in the settings. It it actually is a quantity of another combination. Seems the combinations quantities are offset by 1 row. Meaning the quantity of the first combination is actually on the second row, the second combinations quantity is actually on the third row, etc. The last combinations quantity is moved up to the top row. So each quantity for each combination is in the row below it.
  17. So here's another twist to my problem. I found out that even my original Prestashop site is having this issue now. I haven't had the Show Quantities on but all of a sudden I was having stock issues where customers were ordering stuff an I didn't have it. I know my stock is probably off a little bit but it's not off by that much if any. Anyway I turned on Show Quantities and discovered the issue is there too. So I just decided since I was having this problem everywhere that I would just go live with my TB store. In the process of doing this I decided to try the Store Manager program/app to export/import customers with passwords a little more easily. That went smoothly. Now to the twist part. If I adjust the stock of a product with Store Manager, the actual stock shown on the page is correct! It still shows wrong in the stores back office though. Below is my 16mm potentiometer I've been linking to for an example. This is it in Store Manager. I set 100K to 1 and 500K to 5 for simplicity in keeping track of what is what. Below is the pot as shown online showing the 100K is actually quantity 1! 500K also shows as quantity 5. So Store Manager is allowing me to enter the correct quantity/stock and it's showing up correctly on the front end BUT....the pic below shows it's still wrong in the stores back office. Now I wish I didn't have to fork out $200-350 dollars to get my stock to enter correctly but I may have to. I'm going to try it with a few other products (one's with more than two combinations) to see how it goes.
  18. I'd like to stay in the relative ballpark of what I'm paying now ($107/yr). I'm not opposed to doubling my hosting budget though if it's going to be worth it. Customers are mainly in the U.S. but I do a fair amount of shipping worldwide.
  19. I can't get the copyright info to show at the bottom of the page. It's not showing on my live site https://griffineffects.com/ and it's not showing on a fresh install of TB that I was testing with: http://griffineffects.com/shop/ I have the checkbox enabled in blockCMS. Is there any other setting I'm missing to make it show up?
  20. Yeah, as I was looking into what all of them meant a little, I do see what you are saying. At this point I'm just trying anything to fix it though.
  21. In the all the installs I hadn't turned it on. It was only until this last one that I thought I'd try turning it on to see if it made a difference. It didn't.
  22. I actually do have fiber internet access and I'll look into it but I don't have a lot of time to learn how to do this stuff and/or deal with setting things up, and/or maintaining stuff so this looks a little complicated for me but I'll still look into it.
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