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  1. Helloooo developers, Is this something being looked at? Regards, Marc
  2. I would love to have the possibility of having combinations for virtual products as a standard feature. For now, when adding a product in the backend, if you tick virtual product you cannot make combinations. A virtual product can have several combinations, ie: operating system; number of users, license variation. Is this something that is being adressed in a future version of ThirtyBees? Also the possibility of having a different description for each combination would be a big plus, for now it can only be the one that is from the standard product. Regards, Marc
  3. For me it does not work. Level depth is set at 4 but I cannot add categories to the menu.
  4. Hi all, Since today I have a weird problem where the HTML belonging to the tab "Images" (afbeeldingen in Dutch) does not show. I must admit I have been meddling with backoffice code but have gradually put back all original code, still nothing. Anyone experienced this? Regards, Marc
  5. @dynambee for products I am now using this script: https://coderwall.com/p/fwoaqq/prestashop-background-cron-csv-products-import-modified I have adapted it a bit for virtual products. It is a handy way to import large numbers of products. Just hoping the backend (import) will not change with updates. For now I need to concentrate more on module development for ESD Delivery and License codes. Price and Stock updates are a breeze with your explanation. I saw it as a handy way to import large numbers of products. Just hoping the backend (import) will not change with updates. Regards, Marc
  6. Solved, I needed to logout and login again as admin. Still weird.
  7. When I do a CSV import with (virtual) products these are not shown in the backoffice /catalog/products. They are visible in the shop. Has anyone experienced this before? Regards, Marc
  8. It's the Advanced EU Compliance module. It has (as yet) no dutch translation. For now I have disabled it. ----------- original post --------- Not sure if this is the right place... The site I am developing with thirty bees is (mainly) in dutch. When on the order page "Terms and Conditions" plus the checkbox for agreeing (this is after shipping, both in the 5 step process and the one page checkout) are not translated into dutch. In the language files it is translated but not on this page. How can I fix this? Marc
  9. Hi Ian, This sure helps! I'll get coding. Many thanks, Marc
  10. @dynambee Thanks for the information. I must say that the sample code (I do my programming in PHP) I can find is sparse, mostly answers on stackoverflow. Can you share the sql commands you use? Marc
  11. Would anyone that has written code to use the api/webservice be willing to share? When googling for sample scripts I'm not getting many usable results. For now I am using the csv import but in the near future I would love to add products, change stock/prices and so on with the webservice. On the TB site there is nothing but an overview of the classes and controllers. Marc the Netherlands
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