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  1. cprats


    Most of them are neither being updated now for Prestashop 1.6. I use some last updated in 2015 and they work like a charm. By the way, if thirty bees offers a marketplace for those modules, it would be logical to think developers will take advantage of this and they will maintain those modules instead of deprecating all the work they did to build modules for PS 1.6.
  2. SOLVED: Under Localization - Configuration, I've set up "Set default country from browser language" to NO and it worked.
  3. Update 2: A clean install of TB does not have this issue.
  4. Update: this problem only happens with Firefox and with TB community theme. When I try to sign up, the register screen sets Canada as default country. If I change the country, when I click the register button no actions are done neither error messages appear, but the result is nothing. If I try with Chrome, nothing of this happens. Spain appears as default country when signing up (I guess because it detects the country where I am through IP) and I can sign up with no problems. To avoid this issue I must change to prestashop's default-bootstrap theme, which is the one I imported when I migrated the sop to TB.
  5. There are no error messages. I've noticed that you can only sign up if you set Canada as your country. This may be just a configuration issue I am not able to see. Geolocation is set to NO and all countries are enabled under Localization / Countries.
  6. Hello, I'm in a big trouble. I use TB1.0.8, imported from PS. I kept the default theme of Prestashop until a few days ago, that I decided to upload TB's community theme. Since then, I can't sign up for an account on my site (but I can log in with previously created accounts). Any suggestions?
  7. cprats

    Employees' permissions

    Is there any way to limit an employee profile to add or edit products in a specific category only, through the permissions menu, or through any module?
  8. Thanks, I'll wait for this upcoming version.
  9. UPDATE: Same problem detected with Community Theme Configuration. The copyright footer text has the same behavior, it doesn't keep the Spanish translation and replaces it with the text on the English version.
  10. Sorry, I forgot to comment it is a clean TB 1.0.8 install
  11. Hello, I have the customer privacy module enabled with two languages, English & Spanish. The module does not keep the Spanish translation of the privacy notice. In a first moment, when saved, it is still there, but after returning to the modules page and re-entering the module, the Spanish text is changed by the English version, where should be the Spanish translation.
  12. cprats

    Sharing customers in multistore

    Hello, I have a question: I have a store in www.example.com. I want to make a second TB install in www.subdomain.example.com and I want to enable multistore in www.example.com. Can I share customers between www.example.com and www.subdomain.example.com? Is there a way to have all users who have already signed up in www.example.com shared with www.subdomain.example.com? If a new user signs up in any of both stores, will his account be created in the other one? I've never worked with multistore before and I wasn't able to find answers to these questions in TB documentation.
  13. cprats

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    Thank-you @Traumflug for your explanation.
  14. Just for clarification: Which is the difference between the newly released module Core updater and the thirtybees updater? One is in substitution of the other? Should we run both of them, or should we only use core updater from now on? I've installed it and I've used it. I like it. I've updated files in the same latest TB version and it did some minor changes. Should we uninstall thirtybees updater, or it will keep some functions not found in core updater?
  15. Thanks @datakick, Lesley has already fixed it. Now the problem is solved and all works fine.