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  1. FooLab

    How to show tags on products page

  2. FooLab

    How to show tags on products page

    how about making it as default (with option) in community theme?
  3. Maybe it's me but... it's not possible to display product tags on product pages? Am I missing something?
  4. FooLab

    Thirtybees roadmap

    I understand it and I agree. but I think, also, that’s a matter of time (2020?) that ps developers start to develop for ps 1.7 only and start to “forgot” 1.6 maintaining and without release 1.6 addons update. what do you think about that?
  5. FooLab

    activate viewing others forum signatures

    I know, but I found it disabled in my account (I never disabled it) so I was thinking that was been disabled for all users for some reason. Plus the signature is not visible for guests.
  6. Is it the default forum behavior to NOT display other's signature? can I ask why? with the old forum I think that "well known users's" signature helped many newbies for example. how about to turn on for all the users and activate it as a default for new forum user?
  7. check available disk space too!
  8. FooLab

    mautic instead of mailchimp

    WOW! Are you going to share your solution with the community
  9. your opinion is still the same? do you know if "pos tpv" will support thirtybees in the future?
  10. FooLab

    GitUpdater preview

    I think I'm not the only one that is going to notice that as in the 1.03 to 1.04 upgrade article/instructions there's no mention of cleaning the DB. I see references of them in multiple tb_module* tables: tb_module tb_module_access tb_module_group tb_module_shop tb_hook_module but maybe there are more in other tables too.
  11. FooLab

    GitUpdater preview

    If I launch the core updater it say that I have 24 not compatible modules... I think that they are the modules merge in a single one some versions ago: graphnvd3 gridhtml pagesnotfound sekeywords statsbestcategories statsbestcustomers statsbestproducts statsbestsuppliers statsbestvouchers statscarrier statscatalog statscheckup statsequipment statsforecast statslive statsnewsletter statsorigin statspersonalinfos statsproduct statsregistrations statssales statssearch statsstock statsvisits why they are still there? I followed upgrading instructions deleting them in past upgrades... maybe they are still (but not active) in the DB?
  12. FooLab

    New forum has launched!

    how about add "Unread Content" link (only for logged in users) below RECENT POSTS in the left menu?
  13. FooLab

    Thirtybees roadmap

    TB 1.1.x and 1.2.x will be a better PS 1.7 like TB 1.0.x is a better PS 1.6.x? Are you going to use 1.7 base code for next TB major releases?
  14. The problem I noticed with the Core CSV import is that it doesn't do any preventive check but import all the data right away. example: It doesn't check if a "SEO: Specify URL name" already exist or have invalid character, it just write it in the DB and then two product will have the same seo url or have invalid character in it.
  15. plus there's the net GitUpdater: