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  1. You can begin your light speed journey of about 4533e+11 km. 🙂 Jokes a part, great news!
  2. Isn’t the same that UK retailers are already doing for extra-cee countries? but yes, as always with law changes, there are opportunities for developers. About 30bees I hope the deal will be settled asap.
  3. I think that his fear is that good information can be lost if not posted in the forum.
  4. Well, no. It's only a unit of distance. For patience I usually use "don't hold your breath"... so I think that after all this waiting, we can all be freediving champions. Jokes apart, I understand that this can be a complicated deal so I will hold my breath a little more 😂
  5. a light year is a distance unit and not a time one ^_^ I hope the deal will be reached... but if it will be a matter of switch from 30bees to 42bears it will be ok too.
  6. A question: this activity is done from the "new group" or from the "old devs"?
  7. FooLab

    M4PDF module

    @haylau are you still using this module with 30bees? Is it now full compatible with it?
  8. Se c'è un modulo per ps 1.6 per la fatturazione elettronica dovrebbe essere compatibile con ThirtyBees. Devi sentire con lo sviluppatore del modulo, magari già supporta Thirtybees.
  9. Hello, is it possible to sort search results (or products list on category/products lists) by more/less recent products? I think this is a "must-have" sorting option, don't you?
  10. I think they will add it to the download page once they will update the official demo.
  11. I’m going to use that to init a save on every product id in the list. The list will include simply product ids (or reference). I think/hope that, as the product already exist, save() will behave the same as hitting the save button in a BO product page without changing product data.
  12. I have a module that auto sync product once updated, so doing that with an “external” php I hope will allow me to “force” a sync of different lists of products. This because products that are updated from other modules like the datakick it self (or maybe “mass edit”) seams that are writing directly to the db without using the update() that unit the sync. p.s. Maybe I’m wrong about the update() that will init the sync... I’m going to do some test next days with a couple of test products.
  13. what are the differences between them? I'm going to test it with a very limited list of test products. p.s. Thank you! I'm going to give some feedback on the next days so maybe this can be useful for other thirtybees users too.
  14. Yes exactly. I want to do $object->save() for every product I have in a CSV list (with product ids or references).
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