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  1. I have exactly the same problem and I can't get it to work. If I create a new paypal app with a different client ID and secret only one of the two sites work, and the same goes for using same credentials on both sites. Is the only solution to create a seperate account?
  2. rand0m

    Monetization Idea

    Also to clarify, what I was thinking of was more like stock management, customer service, stats all those things that are great in theory but aren't that well thought through right now and you don't need to have available in the back end when starting out. Also crowdfunding those would probably make their development possible and it would be more rewarding to participate since you would get the module at a discount. As I said this isn't really thought through and it probably is nothing new I just wanted to get it of my chest.
  3. rand0m

    Monetization Idea

    Honestly I'm sorry about starting a discussion about this again. I also must admit I haven't been following the forum for quite some time. Do you know the reasons why they don't want to use paid modules? I think crowdfunding is a great way to get a module started but it doesn't generate a continuous source of income.
  4. rand0m

    Monetization Idea

    Actually just saw that PS is pretty much doing that, but I think that if the core would be cleaned up into bigger modules and the crowdfunding module thing would continue as paid module could be nice
  5. rand0m

    Monetization Idea

    Quick shower thought regarding the monetization of TB after reading the comments to rubben1985's thread. What made us go with prestashop back in the day instead of magento for example was that it was relatively simple and it was free to use. I think that a lot of the PS/TB communtiy consists of merchant that are simply too small to pay big time for some solution. Thats why I don't think a paid version like magento would be a good solution. What I also really dislike about PS monetization solution consisting of the marketplace is that you can never be really sure about the modules that you buy there because there are no real quality standards and we had pretty bad luck especially with themes. Thats why I don't think a marketplace is a good solution. What I really like however is the module system of PS/TB and I love the modules that have been made by the TB staff because I know I can trust that they know what they're doing. So why not use that . The Idea is that PS has a lot of features that are nice to have but not necessary for small merchants and often times they are pretty buggy. So why not remove them from the core, revision those and make them available as paid modules maintained by TB or trusted partners. Like when we started we didn't necessarily need a blog, or extended stats, or stock management, or elasticsearch. And if we would have I'm pretty sure we would have more than happily paid a bit more for a module we could trust. Also you could make the incentive stronger to participate in crowdfunding if you give a free version of your module to the funders. Plus you could think of an incentive for developpers by giving them free access to the modules if they already have contributed to TB and are willing to contribute to those modules. Actually I also think that it would be easier to pick up thirtybees if the core would be a little less packed but you could expect everything to work as intended and in the end if you'd own all of the modules you would have something like a paid version but you could still start out without any cost. Also it might be useful for the devs if the core would be split in some modules because you could prioritize according to the usage of those modules. I know this is all way too early, I just wanted to make the post before I forget it and I thought the idea might have some worth. Anyway, thank you so much for all the work you have been putting in this piece of software!
  6. Guten Morgen allerseits, wir sind momentan auf der Suche nach Möglichkeiten unsere Buchhaltung in Zukunft zu automatisieren. Leider hab ich da nicht so wahnsinnig viel gefunden bezüglich Anbindung Buchhaltungssystem Prestashop/Thirtybees. Momentan scheint für mich die beste Lösung, ein eigenes Modul für Debitoor zu entwickeln, da die wenigstens über eine saubere offene API verfügen. Bevor ich mir allerdings die Arbeit mache, wollte ich einfach mal fragen, wie ihr das mit der Buchhaltung macht und was ihr so empfehlen würdet. Schonmal vielen Dank und beste Grüße
  7. Thanks for your response, I guess I'll use the issue tracker then and come back to you when I have worked out enhancements I think would be useful. I still think it might be nice to have a place for a more casual exchange though. Also I think it would be cool if you could create and share content like tutorials on a centralized place, which would help me because I might get feedback from other developers and it would help beginners getting started. It would also benefit lesley I think because he could use content from the community. I mean I don't know if there are enough people willing to do that but I would certainly be happy to share the things I learned along the way.
  8. So, i wasn't following the forum for a while and now read the whole ranty topic. Actually I'd like to thank lesley and mdekker for all the work that they invested in this project, we have recently launched a thirtybees shop and it is working soo much better than what it was on PS! However I'd like to bring up a new perspective to this discussion away from the business model problem. Imo there is also just a lack of developers, which is why i actually think the whole discussion is really unfair towards mdekker because he did some tremendous work imo, especially since he isnt even working full time on it. I think one of the problems thirtybees has, which comes from prestashop, is that the codebase is just pretty messy and it is not very well documented. So basically what I'm trying to say is, that it may be worth a shot to try and make the project more interesting for devs or easier to get into. What I'd actually like a lot, would be a place, maybe a forum section, that is dedicated to discussing code related topics, being it questions to the codebase or maybe even tutorials or discussing module ideas, I just never felt there was a right place to do that. Also I think that there might be people who could contribute codewise but just aren't accustomed to github or just not sure if they are competent enough, at least I was/ am in that position and I think that such a section would help a lot in that regard, because you get a feel for what other contributers think. Last but not least I'd like to say that I think the way you handled the rant with your post is actually really admirable, thanks for being so open and communicative!
  9. Your theme handles that correctly. I actually only looked into warehouse theme which didn't seem to do that. My point is also mainly that I think it should be added to the community theme because in my opinion this is a basic functionality. Sorry if I caused any confusion :sweat_smile:
  10. @traumflug you're right of course. But since jacascript and template files are so properly separated and there is a way to pass variables to the js files, I prefer to handle it with addJsDef. But still really nice tip, thanks!
  11. @alwayspaws No choosing one main image for a combination works perfectly fine. What I mean is that in your example t-shirts of every color are showing in the thumbslist eventhough the color green is selected. thats not really a problem if you only have one image per combination, but if you have multiple images for one combination, this is confusing especially since you have the option to select multiple images to be associated with a combination in the backend. Now I can understand that if you only have a single image per combination you like the way it is now with every image showing, but even if thats the case I could very well see some customers adding combinations to their carts they didn't want because the thumbnails aren't linked with the combination (the combination doesn't change if you click on the thumbnail), meaning that they see the main image being the pink t-shirt and adding it to the basket without checking the color attribute. What we did is, that we used a color type attribute and uploaded product images as colors so that these are linked with the combination. The thumbslist on the other hand is only showing the associated images and is hidden if there is only one image.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Thats good to know, but I needed those urls in the product.js, I solved it by creating a smarty array and passing it with addJsDef. But actually there is still the problem with the thumbnails not using the associations. If I'm correct the intended behavior was something like zalando does it here for example: https://www.zalando.co.uk/nike-sportswear-air-max-97-ul-17-trainers-ni112b0j5-k12.html with the tumbslist being the one on the left of the main product image. Otherwise I don't know why we would have the option to link images with combinations. So instead of just showing every single product image, it should display the images linked with the selected categories. As the category selection is done purely by js in product.js I worked out a solution where the child nodes of the thumbslist are generated in the findCombination() function of product.js and the product.tpl only passes the image urls. I'll upload the files so that you can see the difference for yourselves. I looked into popular themes and they use the default ps behavior but if your working with combinations where you have multiple images for every combination the current behavior is really awkward. 01509895898094product.js 01509895927486product.tpl
  13. So I started customizing the community theme and the way combination images are managed on the product page left me pretty confused. The problem is that i assumed the thumbslist would contain the images that are being associated with the selected combination, but actually it just displays all images of the product and the association between images and combination isn't used anywhere. I ended up modifying the product.tpl so that only main combination images are displayed and then I wanted to add a second list for the associated images, but I can't find a way to get the image urls without them being in the DOM in the first place. So before I start adding a hidden list or something of that sort, is there a better way of getting image urls in the product.js than through DOM elements?
  14. rand0m

    ERP Systems

    Sadly no, and even if, I'm just a student with genuine interest in the matter helping out relatives who run a small business. So I doubt my experience would benefit you that much. But nevertheless, these are the features I found helpful for what we were searching for: basic CRM features: creating leads and opportunities and promote them to customers, creating quotations, having all the communication between them and you displayed in a timeline, which includes mails, phone and documents stock management: so stock entry, supply orders, receipts and reorder levels and quantities for automation purposes analytics: they provide different reports concerning taxes and profits as far as i remember you could also setup their accounting system so that it would satisfy at least german standards and they also have a POS system. They have a demo site at demo.erpnext.com, credentials are 'demo@erpnext.com' and 'demo'. Open Source ERP is hard to find, especially if you want something that has so many useful features and suffices modern technical standards. Also I think that it should help small companies as well as bigger ones, because you can use these features separately and setup different users with different access rights.
  15. rand0m

    ERP Systems

    If there would be an integration with erpnext, that would be really slick. I think they also provide great features regarding like CRM and accounting. The only problem with it i have seen, is that their online shop doesn't seem complete and is hard to customize. So i think they would also benefit from it, eventhough they have a working shopify integration. They do also have a complete RESTful API as far as I remember. At least it is the easiest to use, while still being feature rich, open source ERP I have seen after some time of research on that subject.
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