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  1. RabbitZzZ

    Payment modules

    No misconfigured restrictions under Modules & Services -> Payment?
  2. Hi, when a order slip is created because of a partial refund the header that is usually in alle the PDFs in the upper right corner (title, date and number) is missing. Instead only the shop address is placed there. The template files look fine as far as I can see. Does anybody have a clue how that happens and how I can get that back? Thanks! Edit: Got it. Template was in a different place.
  3. Had the same problem before, see: Somehow the order-address.js isn't loaded there. My workaround was adding it to header.tpl.
  4. Hi, I have the same problem when trying to uninstall the Paypal Module. Is it possible to uninstall it manually? Which database entries have to be deleted? Or is there a way to fix the code to make the uninstallation possible? Thanks!
  5. RabbitZzZ

    Left Column in Mobile version

    I still have that question.
  6. RabbitZzZ

    Edit order, update shipping

    Ok, tried the module. Installs alright, but when you try to change the shipping cost the update button does not work (console says: "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (temporarily overloaded)"). Also it's supposed to just allow you to manually edit the cost and does not recalculate it based on new articles/weight.
  7. RabbitZzZ

    Edit order, update shipping

    Interesting! Have you tried in on Thirtybees already?
  8. RabbitZzZ

    Edit order, update shipping

    Hmm, seems quite tricky, yes. Looks like the database could be designed less redundant in that matter. In my opinion it would be good to have both options you mentioned. If there are products added to the order at least the total weight should be updated and the shipping cost should be calculated newly according to the configurated shipping table. The possibility to change the cost manually would be nice anyway. That would add flexibility in offering discounts in customer contact etc. Is that something that could be added as a goal for an upcoming version?
  9. RabbitZzZ

    Edit order, update shipping

    Is there any way to accomplish that? In my mind it doesn't seem so hard to trigger the shipping calculation again and update that in the order. Am I right?
  10. RabbitZzZ

    Edit order, update shipping

    Hi, I noticed that when you edit an order in the backoffice and add products there, the shipping cost isn't updated according to the new weight. Is that how it's supposed to be? I would guess no. Is there any way to fix that? Thanks in advance!
  11. RabbitZzZ

    Order edit / stock management problems

    Disabled overrides and non thirty bees modules -> same problem
  12. RabbitZzZ

    Order edit / stock management problems

    I just tried and this is what happened: - created an order with one article, 4 times -> fine - edited the order, added and removed about 2-3 of the article -> fine - added another article (90 available) 25 times -> **remaining stock is 40** so double the quantity got subtracted from the stock. Seems to happen all the time if you add a new product to the order.
  13. RabbitZzZ

    PayPal Chaos - welches Modul?

    hab es im Google Cache gefunden ![0_1546699449332_tb-forum.png](/assets/uploads/files/571/1546699449856tb-forum.png)
  14. RabbitZzZ

    Order edit / stock management problems

    Nothing I suppose would tangle with the stock management. The only override that is active is the one from a module that changes the order reference numbers.
  15. RabbitZzZ

    Order edit / stock management problems

    Ok, good to know about the shipping cost. Still would be a useful feature to implement. The stock problem remains. It also seems like sometimes the stock is reduced twice when products are added to an order. Is there something wrong with some calls for the database update in the background?