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  1. RabbitZzZ

    Edit order, update shipping

    Hi, I noticed that when you edit an order in the backoffice and add products there, the shipping cost isn't updated according to the new weight. Is that how it's supposed to be? I would guess no. Is there any way to fix that? Thanks in advance!
  2. RabbitZzZ

    Order edit / stock management problems

    Disabled overrides and non thirty bees modules -> same problem
  3. RabbitZzZ

    Order edit / stock management problems

    I just tried and this is what happened: - created an order with one article, 4 times -> fine - edited the order, added and removed about 2-3 of the article -> fine - added another article (90 available) 25 times -> **remaining stock is 40** so double the quantity got subtracted from the stock. Seems to happen all the time if you add a new product to the order.
  4. RabbitZzZ

    PayPal Chaos - welches Modul?

    hab es im Google Cache gefunden ![0_1546699449332_tb-forum.png](/assets/uploads/files/571/1546699449856tb-forum.png)
  5. RabbitZzZ

    Order edit / stock management problems

    Nothing I suppose would tangle with the stock management. The only override that is active is the one from a module that changes the order reference numbers.
  6. RabbitZzZ

    Order edit / stock management problems

    Ok, good to know about the shipping cost. Still would be a useful feature to implement. The stock problem remains. It also seems like sometimes the stock is reduced twice when products are added to an order. Is there something wrong with some calls for the database update in the background?
  7. RabbitZzZ

    Order edit / stock management problems

    Can somebody confirm this? Is it a bug?
  8. RabbitZzZ

    Left Column in Mobile version

    Is it possible to move the content of the left column to the bottom somehow? Below the main content?
  9. Hi, on thirty bees 1.0.8 without advanced stock management we found the following problems: If you add a quantity of products to the order, the stock gets reduced. If you delete it again, it wont be added back to the available stock. Also the shipping costs are not updated due to the additional weight of the added products. Any way to solve this? Thanks!
  10. RabbitZzZ

    Statistics button on products (admin)

    Hi, I realized that the statistics/sales button on the products pages in the backend is missing. I changed line 3415 in AdminProductsController.php as follows and now it works. ``` // adding button for preview this product statistics if (file_exists(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.'statsmodule/stats/statsproduct.php')) { ``` Maybe that can be changed in the next release.
  11. RabbitZzZ

    Paypal on one page guest checkout

    Hi, when selecting Paypal as a guest with one page checkout it is possible to make a payment without entering any address beforehand. Consequently no order shows up in the shop. Is it possible to add a function there to check that before redirecting to Paypal to process the payment? Thanks!
  12. RabbitZzZ

    invoice- and delivery adress 5 page-checkout

    Yeah, that's what I thought. Sou you also don't have a clue what could be the problem and why it doesn't work?
  13. Hi, I tried the OPC and unfortunately if you change your delivery address, the payment options on top don't update according to the country restrictions. So if I have chosen bankwire payment and change the address to a country where this is not available, after clicking the order button I just get to a white page sying "Payment option not available". Is this a bug? Any chance to solve that quickly? Thanks!
  14. RabbitZzZ

    invoice- and delivery adress 5 page-checkout

    Yeah, that I knew already. But where is the content generated? It's just exactly this form, but the "address item box" stays empty, whatever you choose. Nothing happens, when you want to use a different address for the invoice there or choose a different deliviery address on that page. I suppose something in cart-summary.js doesn't work, but there is no error in the console so it's hard to find out.
  15. RabbitZzZ

    invoice- and delivery adress 5 page-checkout

    Nobody?? I already checked the template files and couldn't really make out what it is. The page is created equally with the empty divs for the adresses, so I suppose they are somehow created by js. Am I right? But there isn't any error in the browser console or something. I can't find it. Where could it be?