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  1. Mike1

    Panda Theme - Responsive Image Grid Question

    Wow! Problem solved. And like you said, it was easy to fix. Jonny, thank you so much in solving this issue for me. Hopefully, this will help other head-scratchers like me. 😉 And by-the-way, I think your Panda theme is by far the best theme I have ever used or seen by a country mile. I am so, so impressed. Well done. And if you ever release Panda 2 for TB, I'll be sure to get it. Thank you once again.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm currently building a new store using the Panda theme but I'm having trouble getting the Advanced Banner module to do something I just expected it would do out of the box. Basically, I created a group of four images (see illustration below) and what I wanted them to do on a small screen is collapse into a single column. Instead, images are simply resized which just isn't going to work (just too small). Am I using the wrong module for the task at hand or have I missed something? Also, has anyone managed somehow to get this to work with Panda, perhaps with a different module entirely?
  3. Mike1

    Custom One Page Checkout

    Hi guys, I own and operate an established online store in Australia. I stumbled on TB by accident and one of the things that really attracted me to this platform was its stability, however, the checkout is a bit of a letdown. And considering it's where business gets done, I'm of the opinion that a one-page checkout must have, as a minimum, three important features: 1) Ease of use 2) Stability 3) Speed But a checkout that looks great too is probably the 4th feature that is usually lacking in most shopping carts and TB is no exception. I know this from 14 years experience as an online merchant/retailer in Australia. The cart that we currently use, which is on another platform that I won't name, has been a letdown for a number of years, and especially so in the last 18 months. It has a confusing layout, it's slow to load and use (keeps pausing/locking the page whenever there is a delay in a user's keystrokes), and it even has a few intermittent bugs that prevented some customers from submitting their order. And these are just some of the reasons that we are now migrating to TB. Anyway, the point I'm making is this. A good looking and bug-free checkout that is quick to process payments is really all you need. And TB is already 2/3's of the way there so in my opinion the only thing left to really do is for someone to give it a facelift. The logic looks fine. The speed of it is fine. And we all would agree that it's also fairly stable so lets see/discuss how it could be made to look better as well. Nickon, I think you've done a fantastic job with your Transformer checkout. It's actually the sort of checkout I would love to have for my store. Correct me if I wrong, but the fact that the cart (second column) follows you down the page is in my option a very underrated feature that should be offered on every OPC. From what I can tell, the stepped checkout already has this so I can't see why it couldn't be adapted.