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Failed to load: home_default_smaller images



On category page of my Prestools webshop I still don't get images - except for products from which I just visited the product page. But that effect lasts very short: minutes at most.

This problem is specific for Chrome. There is no problem in Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

When I look in the console I see error messages like: Failed to load https://www.prestools.com/39-homedefaultsmaller/discounts-plugin-for-triple-edit.jpg.

This stuff with "smaller" and "smallest" is new to me. What does it mean? Why are these not predefined image formats? How is this supposed to work?

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Hmm, are those files not generating? I am not seeing any console errors when accessing your category page.

The smaller and the smallest is something I added. If you notice the product-list.tpl is using srcset now. Which is a highly complicated pain in the ass for a template based site. The idea is when you are on desktop 1920 x 1080, your site needs a 250px squared image. But when you site is scaled down to a tablet size, you need likely a 218px squared image.

This is something that most browsers these days support, and if they don't there is a fall back to just using the regular img src. https://caniuse.com/#search=srcset

I am guessing you installed an early version of thirty bees and then upgraded. You might have to add the image sizes manually, this is something we cannot put in an upgrader, as it would break theme images. Here is a list of the images and sizes to add. https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/1.0.x/install-dev/data/xml/image_type.xml#L15

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Thank you, Lesley, that worked.

The site was migrated from Prestashop. Initially I kept the PS theme. When I later tried to migrate to the TB theme I got a crash and had to copy the theme files manually. Obviously something went wrong in that process.

See also my error report about my problems when I tried to switch to the TB theme: https://github.com/thirtybees/community-theme-default/issues/28

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