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Planning for the future with Multistore


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Hi All,

Sorry if I am asking a basic question. I am currently building a shop that will sell one product - children's books. On the root, I have my categories such as baby books, toddler books etc.

Perhaps in the future, I may want to sell something unrelated, for example shirts. I would like to have another shop using the same backend. I understand I can do this using multistore.

If I understand it correctly, I can create one master shop on a domain that can be hidden for now with categories something like this:

Home – books – children’s book – baby books

I can then create my multistore, using children’s books as the root category. If I sell shirts, I just add a new category to the master:

Home – shorts – men’s shirts

Is this the way I should go about it so I cover all bases for the future?

Is there another approach to launch one shop for children’s books without the URLs looking something like this:


Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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One can switch from monoshop to multishop any time. A monoshop is essentially a multishop with just one shop defined.

That said, multishops are made with similar offerings in mind. If shop offerings are totally unrelated it might be a better idea to run two independent shops. Can be done with a single host easily, just put them into separate subdirectories and point your domain name server to each of them.

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