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Preferences > SEO & URLs - edited URLs do not redirect


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I went to Preferences > SEO & URLs and edited the (friendly) URLs, but when I visit them I get a 404. This happens both with friendly URLs activated and deactivated.

So, for example, https://www.shop.com/index.php?controller=prices-drop (the original URL) works, but https://www.shop.com/index.php?controller=specials does not work.

However, the original (ie I didn't add it) URL https://www.shop.com/index.php?controller=suppliers also doesn't work.

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I've just tested it, and everything is working fine for me with friendly urls. I have changed prices-drop to specials and its working fine. Of course that /index.php?controller=specials won't work because when changing friendly url you are not changing core controllers names. so 'shop.com/specials' will work and 'shop.com/index.php?controller=prices-drop' works too.

Like i mentioned before: manufacturer, supplier & best sales controllers will need to be enabled in Preferences -> General.

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